10 of the Best Books on Being a Man That Others Want to Be Around

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EVER NOTICE SOME GUYS GET noticed by women, even though they aren't the best looking guys

And they just seem to get respect from those around them… and admiration

Some of us seem to have it, and some don't… But why?

The truth is that being a man isn't a birthright. You don't just grow into it like a pair of size 10 sneakers. You have to earn it

It used to be our Dad's teaching us but that doesn't always happen these days. However, many men have penned these guides on what it takes to be one of those men.

Reading them can help you understand how to be a man and why it affects those around you.. and why they are crying out for men in their lives. Enjoy.

Ten Books On Being a Man

1. Improve Your Social Skills by Daniel Wendler

Brush up on your social skills and find a place to belong

  • Do you struggle with social interaction?
  • Are you the guy hiding in the corner at the party?
  • Do your conversations with people usually feel awkward?

If you answered Yes to any of the questions above, then Improve Your Social Skills can help.

Author Daniel Wendler used the skills he developed as a person with Asperger's Syndrome, to compile this comprehensive guide to improving your social skills and getting you out of your corner.

In today's world, you need excellent social skills if you want success. Wendler takes you step-by-step into how to deal with group conversations, how to read body language, and how to create long-lasting fruitful relationships. Get your copy of this easy to follow beginners guide and Improve Your Social Skills here


2. Fire in the Belly by Sam Keen

What does it really mean to be a man?

In a time when men are rediscovering their role in the modern world, Fire in the Belly comes along to help you find your way among what is becoming an increasingly confusing scene.

Sam Keen enables you to understand the mysteries of being a man in today's world. Be prepared to have to deal with feelings you thought were buried deep in the frozen recesses of your mind.

Keen shows you how to become a man with a “fire in his belly,” a man with a passion for life and love. Keen shows you how to join the growing men's movement and become a man for the new world. Filled with practical wisdom, get your copy of Fire in the Belly here

3. Is There Anything Good About Men? by Roy F. Baumeister

Are men good for anything at all or are we becoming obsolete?

In Is There Anything Good About Men, author Roy F. Baumeister takes a look at how the role of provider and the position of dominance came out of need far back in our history.

A culture that while it has been of great benefit to men has also caused the male members of the human race to suffer. Along with being at the top of the ladder, men are more likely to be killed in wars, die in work-related accidents, and be incarcerated than women.

The book references a lot of facts, references and data whilst being written for the average man. Have men as a species outlived their usefulness? Get your copy and read the book to find out.

4. Iron John: A Book About Men by Robert Bly

A new vision of what it means to be a man

This is the 25th Anniversary Edition of Iron John: A Book About Men and is updated to include a new afterword.

In this book, Bly uses the fairy tale Iron John by the brothers Grimm to show us the ways of men of old and how men's roles have been changing. Bly is quick to point out that men have been driven away from what they were supposed to be and in doing so have become emasculated. At the same time, he covers how to tap into man's endless well of potential to help restore some balance to society.

Note to male readers, this book does contain poetry! But don't let that put you off. Iron John is perfect for the man's man, this classic is available here.

5. Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants by Elliot Katz

How to gain the respect of your woman

In Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants, author Elliot Katz shows you how the wisdom of many other cultures is used to raise strong, gentle, nurturing men, in comparison to our culture

Along with showing the many challenges faced by couples, Katz goes on to discuss the right way for a man to respond in these situations. He presents this information in an easy to read and follow format. Katz shows you how to be a “Man” without being a “Jerk,” something so many men have forgotten over the last few generations.

You can expect to get the tools you need to create a successful relationship with a woman. When your ready, you can pick up a copy here

6. No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert A. Glover

Get what you want in love, sex, and life

For the man who is tired of “seeking approval” in his relationship and instead wants to get what he desires out of life.

Glover covers what he calls the “Nice Guy Syndrome” also known as spending too much time trying to please others rather than taking care of one's own needs. In No More Mr. Nice Guy, Glover provides you with the tools you need to make sure your needs are being met and teaches you how to express your emotions without feeling emasculated and how to enjoy a better sex life, more meaningful relationships, how to embrace your inner man.

Learn how to kick the “Nice Guy” syndrome to the curb with No More Mr. Nice Guy here. Note to readers, there are some strong anti-Christian vibes which might put some readers off

7. The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida

Evolve beyond the macho jerk, beyond the wimp, and become a real man

In The Way of the Superior Man, author David Deida lay a challenge at the feet of all men.

The challenge? To learn how to fulfill your true purpose as a man and how to achieve true masculinity without becoming a bore. Deida steps outside the box of social norms and collapses the notion that we must all fit into a pigeon hole and uses a blend of both ancient and modern teaching from both the east and west to create a highly successful guide to becoming a “superior” man.

Although a little spiritual for some, this book is filled with useful insights and simple to follow points to take action on. The Way of the Superior Man is a must for any man to help centre himself. Get your copy here.

8. What Women Want When They Test Men by Bruce Bryans

How you are secretly tested by women

Let's face it most men have no idea that every minute of every day they are being tested. Scrutinized by the women they know and love.

In What Women Want When They Test Men, author Bruce Bryans goes over the fact that as men we go through our lives clueless this fact. What men don't realize is that you have to learn how to create the perfect balance between being a thoughtful, caring lover and a strong leader.

Bryans shows you how to achieve this balance and to learn how to become the kind of attractive men women want most.

The biggest point in this book (IMO) is for me to learn how to judge women as women, not by the same standards we judge men. If you need more of that, then get your copy here.

9. To Be a Man by Robert Master Ph.D.

Become more powerful without being a jerk

If you dream of becoming more powerful in your daily life without becoming the jerk that everyone hates, To Be a Man is the book for you.

Author Robert Masters offers a no-nonsense guide to self-discovery for men. Discover how not to channel shame into anger and now to be more compassionate without becoming vulnerable. Read about the effects of pornography, sexual acting out, rape, gay men and so much more. The discussions in this book are not bound by gender ideas or norms.

Containing some deep insightful information, this long book is for men who really want to get in touch with their true masculine power. Unearth yours with a copy here.

10. The Dating Playbook for Men – Andrew Ferebee

Go from single to dating the woman of your dreams in ten steps

If you struggle with approaching women, lack social confidence, and are tired of being single, then The Dating Playbook for Men is just what you are looking for.

This is not an instant-cure (good luck finding one). Instead, author Andrew Ferebee presents you with an easy to follow a 7-step program. A program designed to let you take charge of your life and your dating. Learn how to enjoy the perfect first, second, third dates and beyond. And also how to get out there and meet women and get them to be the ones chasing you.

Written for men who feel like beginners, go deep into the subject of dating with your copy of The Dating Playbook for Men here

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