Your Marriage Savior Review – What I Honestly Thought of this Marriage Repair Program

MY Your Marriage Savior Review

What I Honestly Thought of this Marriage Repair Program

TIME TO BE HONEST… Are you still the man that your wife married?

Or have you gone a little soft over the years?

If the problem is that your wife just isn't interested in you anymore, Michael Cross (the author of Your Marriage Savior) believes it's because she has lost her attraction for you

This program is a man's look at marriage. It’s not about what wives should do, or what your counselor thinks or even what a lawyer thinks. 

It's straight to the point, and it’s definitely not your typical ‘marriage help’ type program. It’s an easy to follow, practical guide about you getting back in touch with your inner man, and getting your wife to desire you again

With that said it's not for everyone, but we will get to that a little further down in the review…

NOTE: I did purchase the Your Marriage Savior Program and this review is my opinion of it. Below is a screenshot of the program on my computer. 

Your Marriage Savior Review - Screenshot

“Will the Your Marriage Savior Program Work for Me?”

Who the Program is For:

This program is aimed directly at guys who have slowly let their wives take over the marriage.

How do you know if she has taken over?

To answer this question, I need to ask you some questions… (be honest)

  1. Who decides where the family is going to go on holidays?
  2. When your wife asks you ‘what do you want for dinner’ – do you respond ‘I don’t know, what do you want?’
  3. Out of the two of you, who doesn’t seem to want sex?

In other words…

“Who is the leader in your household?”

If it’s not you, and you answered ‘Yes’ or ‘My Wife’ to all of the questions then this program is for you

This program is the kick in the pants you need to become her man again and get your wife’s desire back

Who the Program IS NOT for:

People Who Don’t Believe in Self-Help

There is a lot of great information, but it does come under the Self-Help banner. So if you don’t believe in that stuff helps (think of people like Tony Robbins) then you're not going to get anything from this program

Husbands Who Think their Marriage is Gone Already

Do you believe that you can still save your marriage? If you don’t then this won’t help you

Guys Who Aren’t Willing to Take a Chance on their Marriage

Before you decide to follow this program, you need to be absolutely committed to saving your marriage. Some of the changes you may have to make can be confronting for you

Your Marriage Savior Review Copy

“What Do I Get in the Save the Marriage System?”

The program is 187 pages of eBook along with some audio lessons and two bonuses…

  • Welcome Letter (& Terms & Conditions)
  • Manual #1: Unleashing the Lion
  • Manual #2: Taming the Lioness
  • Audio Lesson – Peasants Into Kings
  • Audio Lesson – Peasants Into Kings Belief Supercharger
  • Bonus #1: How to Be Phenomenal in Bed
  • Bonus #2: The Case Studies Manual
  • Appendix: If You’re Already Separated

The Your Marriage Savior Program (in a nutshell)

At its core, this program is about becoming the man that women want and attracting your wife back to you

When I read through the two manuals and listened to the audio, I felt like I was listening to a guy who’s giving out all the secrets he uses to make his wife happy

The material revolves around a caveman type look at attraction and relationships. Michael says there are 3 traits that any man in a successful marriage needs to have. And they aren’t what your wife tells you they are.

They are based on the time when women needed strong, confident men to help protect them from predators, starvation and other issues that cavemen had.

And wanting these traits in men is so ingrained into women (even today) that it comes down to a biological level response. Making your wife’s choices in love and relationships an unconscious one

Primitive Couple

Although times are radically different, her attraction mechanism still operates as if it were in 'caveman' times

The Pros and Cons of the Your Marriage Savior Program


Straight Talk

Michael doesn't’ sugar coat anything and gives it to you straight. This is great for guys who feel confused about what they are hearing from their wives and people who are trying to help them save their marriage

Easy to Follow

There’s no psycho-babble and the program is easy to follow and understand. Michael uses stories to help explain the ideas and concepts in his book as well as references to pop culture

Success Stories

The Your Marriage Savior Program has quite a few testimonials. See below for more detail

Written for Men

It’s also important to note that this program is just for men. The focus is on husbands 100% of the time

Can Do Alone

The program is designed for you go go through it alone. Which works well if your wife won’t work on your marriage



Not for Everyone

As mentioned earlier this program is Self-Help. If you think that’s a dirty word, (I don’t but some people do) then this isn’t your cup of tea


On the About Michael Cross page, he says he has spent that last 10 years interviewing many husbands to find the secrets to a happy marriage. Although i’m sure it’s true, it’s hard to prove, it also isn’t formal education in the area


Compared with the other marriage repair programs, this is the most expensive

Your Marriage Savior Review Book

What’s Covered in the Your Marriage Savior System?

I made some notes for when going through the program. Here they are:

Part I

  • Why your wife has lost her attraction for you as a man, and how to get it back [pg. 4]
  • Why your wife isn’t your ‘best friend’ and what she really is [pg. 6]
  • Why running your marriage as a 2 equal partners democracy is a bad idea [pg. 9]
  • What the #1 most important thing in your marriage is, and why it’s so important you protect it (it’s not what you think it is) [pg. 11]
  • What is the most important emotion she must feel to want to stay in your marriage [pg. 15]
  • The biggest mistake that husbands make with their wives [pg. 17]
  • Where your wife's sex drive comes from and how to understand what makes her want you [pg. 20]
  • What are the TWO BASIC NEEDS that you need to fulfill to have her back in your arms [pg. 25]
  • The three traits that all men who magically attract women have, and how you can have them too [pg. 27]
  • How your wife has slowly turned you into a man that she does not want to be intimate with [pg. 30]
  • How to know when a woman is most attracted to a man [pg. 34]
  • How to keep your wife chasing you, even after years of marriage [pg. 36]
  • Why being a great husband, and a stable good father is not enough to keep your wife interested in you [pg. 43]
  • Why your life mission is so important to your marriage and how to reconnect with it [pg. 45]
  • The real traits of successful and unsuccessful marriages [pg. 51]
  • Why women find ‘bad boys’ so attractive and how to re-engineer their traits to have your wife falling for you again [pg. 53]
  • How to demonstrate to your wife that you are the man that she fell in love with again [pg. 61]
  • The 7 things you need to do to be the leader that your wife is craving to follow [pg. 65]
  • How to make your wife want to work to be in your marriage [pg. 70]
  • Why giving to your wife is killing your wife's commitment to your marriage [pg. 72]
  • The sneaky, counter-intuitive technique you can use that will start getting your wife to love you again [pg. 73]
  • When you should go to your wife for emotional support and comforting [pg. 80]
  • The three questions you need to ask yourself to become very strong in your life desires [pg. 84]
  • Want to do if your wife constantly has emotional swings [pg. 87]
  • How to press the reset button on female drama [pg. 103]
  • How you should really treat other women if you want to increase your wife's desire for you [pg. 118]

Part II

  • How to know who has the most power in the relationship [pg. 12]
  • How your wife tests you and how to know if she is dominating you [pg. 28]
  • The 5 steps to pass her tests and learn how to dominate her [pg. 33]
  • What the most important thing to demonstrate to any woman is [pg. 42]
  • How to train your wife to treat you the way you deserve to be treated [pg. 46]
  • When to know if you should leave [pg. 58]

What Other Husbands are Saying about the Your Marriage Savior Program by Michael Cross

“I think your techniques are working on my relationship with my wife! Before she wanted to separate and divorce – these days she’s calling me!

She texts me: “Maybe we should think it over about your leaving…why can’t you talk to me?”

God bless you!”

 - M. Nagazadeh, Richmond, Virginia

“Hey Michael, just wanted to give you a quick update. I must be doing something right, because she came over today to tell me she has left the other guy and wants to get back together!

She’s willing to do anything to work on our marriage. I’m following your advice and making her work VERY hard to get back in my good graces…so far she’s doing everything she can to make amends.

Thanks for all the advice so far…it obviously has worked!”

Ryan K., Harrisburg, PA

Couple Reunited

“Will the Program Work for Me?”

Will this program work for some husbands in trouble?


Guys who have let go of the reigns of their life and marriage will see change when implementing this program

By taking back control, you will see a different side to your wife. A happier, loving and hornier one

But you do need to commit to it, follow it through, and show some faith when what you hear may be the opposite of what you're used to doing. (And your wife tests you on how committed you are)

“What If I Don't Think that the Your Marriage Savior Program Will Work for Me?”

This program won’t work for everyone. So if you don’t think it’s for you then let’s look at your options

#1 – Counselling

You could go counselling. To do this you will need your wife to go along with you, which may not be a viable option. Marriage counselling also won’t help any intimacy issues that you might be experiencing. For that you will need a different type of counselor (a sex therapist).

#2 – Other programs

If you don’t think this program is for you there are other programs that have different focuses. You can check them out here.

#3 – Do nothing

You could try and go it alone to save your marriage. Although I DO NOT recommend this. You only have one chance with your wife so give it your best shot and get some form of assistance!

Couple on beach

In Summary…

In short, this is a true man's guide to having a successful marriage

It is an entertaining read and listen, although going through this program I thought ‘some people will love this guide, and some people will hate it’.

Because Michael holds no punches. His stance on what the roles men and women play in marriage are black and white

But the good news with that is that you can learn how to play the role of husband, father, and lover. And once you know how to do it right, you will become that guy who has a wife who loves and adores him. And…

  • Welcomes him home with dinner on the table, not a list of chores
  • Gives back rubs on a regular basis, not ear bashings
  • Wears sexy lingerie to get his attention, instead of just yelling or causing drama

I think we'd both agree that it is worth putting in some hard yards now to get there

Best of luck in your marriage

 - Randy​