How To Get Over And Resolve Your Wife’s Adultery

Our marriage may not have been perfect, but everything was good up until that day…


You may have even had to confront your wife, only to find that she confirms your worst suspicions. It can make even the strongest, self-confident man question his masculinity.

Being cheated on is a BETRAYAL THAT CUTS RIGHT DOWN TO THE BONE. You can’t escape it, even at work, with your friends and family, it still lingers in different forms. Anger, shame, shock, rage, betrayal, loneliness, devastation, jealousy, revenge, insecurity and just plain hurt.


“I can't believe my wife cheated on me how do i get over it”


The surprise can catch you off guard 

You didn't think your wife was cheating on you, then all of a sudden she comes out with this and you are expected to deal with it, like you had a part in it.

It is NEVER OK TO CHEAT, but it is important to understand what happened, for you to MOVE FORWARD into your future, with or without her.

Women can try to excuse their behavior, blaming…

• A desire for male attention and emotional intimacy

• Reaffirmation of her desirability as a woman and to feel “special again”

• Boredom or loneliness

• Feelings of neglect or being taken for granted


Don’t blame yourself

Although these may sound like she is SHIFTING THE BLAME ONTO YOU, and that you did these things,  it is important that you don’t blame yourself. She wanted something outside of the marriage and SHE NEEDS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what she did.

It sounds counter intuitive, but blaming yourself for your wife’s actions will only get you down. She was the one who cheated, now you need a plan to deal with it.


What’s next?

What if you had a way to eliminate these 24/7 emotions that keep pulling you back to her? You could live your days concentrating on YOUR LIFE, and use your clear head to make the right decisions for you and your future.

Many men have been cheated on by their wives. Some of those men have discovered a way to not only get over their feelings, but have uncovered a plan to turn the situation into something they can leverage.

This leverage has their wives fall in love with them all over again. Some men using this system have even had their WIVES LITERALLY COME CRAWLING BACK to them!

What if you could find the best at it and do what they do? And get control of your life at the same time.

Watch this video to see the mistakes that many guys make which KEEP THEM IN THE EMOTIONAL LOOP, and how you can get the control back in your situation.

Resolve the Adultery Video


If you don’t want to invest the price of a dinner for one, then I have 3 quick tips for you, to help you get your power back in your situation.


my wife cheated on me how do i get over it

Getting your power back isn't about dating other women


3 Ways to get your power back

If you want to forgive her and save your relationship then you need to take the power back/ no privacy

  1. Ask her for all her internet/email/phone passwords. This is so you can check her accounts when you want to. It’s a huge sign of trust from her.
  2. She also needs to send a letter of ‘no contact’ to any men or guys she was seeing, flirting with, or going out of her way to keep in contact with.
  3. Lastly you need to learn to live without your wife. This is for both if you want to reconcile or divorce. This means doing your own laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. You should not need her to DO ANYTHING FOR YOU. Being independent can take the neediness and necessity out of a marriage, and leave room for the respect and romance. (You might also be surprised that if she can’t do things for you, like take care of you, she will be at a loss.)


Getting your life back after infidelity can take years… but within minutes you can be on course to repair your life, and your relationship. All because you decided to invest in your future TODAY. Why wait? Get started NOW.

Resolve the Adultery Video

All the best for your situation, you didn't put yourself here but you do need to pull yourself out of it.

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