The Magic of Making Up Review

What I HONESTLY Thought After Going Through This Course...

HAS YOUR WIFE moved out or kicked you out?

If so, then TW (T Dub) Jackson has written this guide for you

And although it isn’t the best marriage repair guide out there, nor the most comprehensive it is an easy to follow plan

A plan that others have followed successfully (according to many testimonials on website)

NOTE: YES! I have purchased the Magic of Making Up Course, and this is MY opinion of it. Below is a screenshot of the course on my computer

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What I Cover in this Review...

“Will it Work for ME?”

Who the Magic of Making Up Course IS for…

It's important to note that the course isn't specifically written for married people

This course is primarily written for those whose relationships have ended. The course involves taking a step back and looking at your relationship from a fresh perspective

Although I believe there are better marriage repair courses out there, for someone who wants a simple guide to what to do next this can help

It will also help those who are overcome with emotion, to the point they can’t think straight and act like themselves. Especially for those who want help with their confidence and dealing with overwhelming emotions. There are tips and exercises here that will help


Who the Course IS NOT for:

There are tips and techniques to help you win your wife back. Some of them are self-help exercises about building your confidence up again and some for dealing with pain and emotion

I also believe that most people will find this course oversimplified to the point where there isn’t much new information for people

However if you are in doubt, then there is a 60 Day, 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the course after purchase

An image of TW Jackson

An image of the author, TW Jackson taken from his website

About the Author

Although the videos of TW (T Dub) Jackson make him out to be a very everyday, likable guy. Finding information on him is a little tougher. On his website he is an author and claims to have helped over 100,000 couples in over 77 countries

I tried to email him a few times and received no response (I will update this when I receive one)

“What Do I Get in the Magic of Making Up Course?”

Here’s what is included:

  • The Magic of Making Up eBook
  • Mind Magic Guide – Psychological Tricks for Relationships
  • The Clean Slate Method

For an extra fee you can also get the audio version of the course, and 2 more bonuses (around communication and confidence)

The Magic of Making Up Course (in a nutshell)

Basically, the Magic of Making Up Course follows these 4 steps

  1. Understand (why your relationship has ended)
  2. Get Your Head on Straight (remove emotion)
  3. Assess (re-evaluate, make a decision)
  4. Work the Plan (work on yourself and reconnect)

It’s a simple guide to getting your communication back with your wife and then getting her back in your life

The course itself consists of an ebook. After purchase I have also received emails with tips and short videos from TW Jackson

Couple working at their marriage

The Pros and Cons of the Magic of Making Up Course



The techniques and exercises in this Course are easy to follow and can help you deal with the landslide of emotions.

Friendly Tone

This Course is written in a friendly tone. It’s very personable and it’s not hard to follow along with the message coming from TW Jackson

Instant Access

This Course is delivered digitally so you receive access straight away


As far as the marriage repair Courses go, this one is the cheapest. Although in this circumstance, cheapest isn’t always best




TW Jackson doesn’t have much in the way of qualifications regarding marriage counselling. His background is in the Navy

Contradicting Information

After being in this industry for a few years and also reading other guides and talking to others, the information here seems to contradict a lot of other information out there. This may not necessarily a bad thing, but I did find it a little odd

Over Simplified

Much of this book is over simplified. I found going through this Course i was reading a lot of stuff I thought was general knowledge and asking myself ‘when is he going to get to the important bits’


A little One Dimensional

Having marriage troubles can be complicated. Although this book doesn't really offer any advice, tips or techniques to deal with that. The book is aimed for couples who have split, no talk of divorce, separation, kids, money issues, living arrangements etc…

Couple who have reuinited

What’s Covered in the Magic of Making Up Course?

  • Why your marriage is on the rocks (& why it is not over yet) [pg. 5]
  • Why women leave their men [pg. 6]
  • What NOT to do to win her love back [pg. 9]
  • How to ‘fast forward’ past the pain of your marriage troubles [pg. 13]
  • How to objectively look at both parts of your relationship [pg. 17]
  • Some simple steps anyone can do to start taking care of yourself after a breakup [pg. 29]
  • 6 Easy to look great on a budget [pg. 31]
  • When you should start seeing other people [pg. 33]
  • The dos and don'ts of dating today [pg. 36]
  • The truth about rebound relationships [pg. 36]
  • How to know for sure if your wife is starting to date someone else [pg. 37]
  • What to do if your wife keeps talking about your problems [pg. 44]
  • How to keep your wife happy after she decides to go back with you [pg. 51]
  • What to do if it doesn’t work out with your wife [pg. 58]

“What if I Don’t Think it Will Work for Me?”

There are 3 other options for getting your wife back, if you don’t think that the magic of making up course will work for you


Right now you might be thinking about going to counseling. And although the success rate isn’t as good as they’d like it to be counseling does help some couples. Remember that you will at some stage need your wife to attend the sessions, as well as the budget to see the counseling through

Other Programs

If you are still interested in expert help then you can see the other marriage repair options here

Do Nothing / Go it Alone

Although this is not recommended, you could do nothing and hope you can win her back on your own. But if you think it’s time to change, and you want your marriage back NO MATTER WHAT, then have a look at what some of the other programs can offer you

In Summary…

This is a very simplified version of a marriage repair guide. In some cases it is oversimplified

The information is a little basic (my opinion) and it isn’t as explicit as it could be with creating a plan for what to do to win your wife back

There also doesn’t seem to be much use of facts and figures in this course and in some circumstances, it is more about getting over the breakup and getting on with your life than getting your wife back

That's why I would rather recommend another program if you want the best shot at getting your wife back

You can see what that program is here


You can get the Magic of Making Up Course Below

Thanks for reading my review

 – Randy


Best of luck in your situation