The Top 10 Signs My Wife Doesnt Love Me Anymore

and What You Can Do to Get Your Wife's Love Back

To aid men having trouble in their marriages, below is the comprehensive but concise list of 10 signs that your wife doesn't love you anymore

Read them over and think if they apply to your marriage

If you are answering yes to 5 or more of these, then it's time to take some action on your marriage

But don't worry!

There is something you can do if you discover that your wife has fallen out of love with you (it has worked for many husbands and it's included in this post below the list)

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The Top 10 Signs My Wife Doesn't Love Me Anymore

1. Gut instinct

Your at this site for a reason. And unfortunately it's one of the signs that your wife is getting more distant from you


2. You have to clean up after yourself

I know it's old fashioned but women tend to care more about cleanliness than men. So when she stops caring about that, it's a sign she's stopped caring about your marriage


3. She doesn't seem to really care that much

You start to notice that any issues you are facing she's not interested in. For example; when you begin to feel under the weather, once she might have suggested you stay in bed and made you meals. Now she hasn't even asked you about it.


4. Physically distant – no kissing, hugging etc.

If your wife is hesitant to hug or kiss you then this is a sign. To be honest this can be a little late as this is one of the latter things (in her mind) that she will withdraw from.


5. She doesn't initiate anything, ever

If you find that she isn't organizing anything new in your family then she's losing interest


6. She stops telling about her day and her life

Wive's love to use their husbands as a sounding board. To talk and get things off their chests… If she starts withholding this information then this is a sign


7. Lack of face time

A loving wife loves face time because it shows her that you care about her. If she's seems not that interested in sharing time with you and would rather be on her phone/tablet, talking with friends or out doing something else then this is cause for concern


8. Guilt trips

Do you feel guilty about going out, even to work? If when your leaving your wife and she is in an unhappy mood this can trigger things. This is a sign


9. Sketchy behavior

Have you started to notice that your wife has a new ‘private life' that you don't have access too? This includes new email accounts, deleting history from devices, phone calls from numbers you don't know and even a second phone?


10. New wife

Is your wife doing things she has never done before, or hasn't done in a while? I.e. joining the gym or buying a style of clothes that she hasn't worn in ages… maybe even new circles of friends?


What you can do about it

Many men in the course of a marriage find themselves in the bad books… to which flowers, gifts and nights on the town have been adequately curing for years…

However this is a little more serious

She is starting to withdraw from your relationship which is typically the final stage before separation

To get to this stage women typically feel unappreciated, and unwanted. Like an employee, who does the same job very well, over and over but doesn't receive any recognition.

Her withdrawing is absolutely detrimental to your marriage and requires some attention fast

(It's like rust or a rot that starts small but can snowball out of control unless monitored)

So i'm glad your here, and you have your sleeves up ready to get started


The fix

The fix requires your attention, after all that is what she wants

Unfortunately you probably wont get much out of trying to talk to her about it

She wants you to show her, to prove it to her

Women are very good at picking up what counts. And what counts most is your actions not words

It's not going to be easy at the start, you will have to tread lightly as she is looking for genuine attention and small signs of affection from you

Stuff that hits right at the spot where she feels the relationship is failing

A lot of husbands get confused when their wife tells them that the marriage is in trouble

They don't know what to do and they PANIC!

But this is the WORST thing you can do. And to stop doing it, the best thing to do is to get a plan and stick to it

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But before you go…

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