My Save MY Marriage Today Review – What I Think After Reading Through the Program

My Save My Marriage Today Review

What I Though After Going Through the Program

I think the best summary of this program is taken from the authors own words where they describe their beliefs when it comes to saving marriages...

“We believe that most problems in a marriage aren’t caused by lack of love or irreconcilable differences. Most marital problems are caused by ineffective interpersonal skills, such as miscommunication and poor conflict resolution, and being negligent when it comes to establishing priorities.”

- Taken from the Save My Marriage Today Program

​If you believe that your marriage can be saved, and your willing to put the work into the way you communicate and interact with your wife then keep reading...

NOTE: I do have a copy of the Save My Marriage Today Program and this review is my opinion of it. Here's a screenshot of the program so you can see for yourself what is in it. 

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What's in this Review?

For your convenience, here is a clickable list of all the items I will cover in this review

A Little About the Authors:

The Save My Marriage Today Program is a series of eBooks written by Amy Waterman and Andrew Rusbatch

Although neither are qualified marriage psychologists, they are professionals in the relationships industry and have extensive experience in assisting others in their dating and relationships

And their approach to marriage problems is refreshingly simple. There are three steps to saving marriage and working through problems

  1. Acknowledgement of the problem
  2. Talking about the problem
  3. Action on solving the problem

And although the program is quite detailed, all of the theory gets put into action with some practical exercises you can do to help your marriage

Couple Working on Relationship at Home

Who the Save My Marriage Today Program is For

This program is for couples who want to work on their marriage together, whatever stage it is at…

From minor issues to crisis mode there is information here for husbands and wives who are committed to saving their marriage, or just making it work better

It has a specific focus on unveiling the different perspectives of typical marriage issues. This suits couples who are having trouble seeing eye to eye in their marriage

The program is structured around the common problems found in marriages. Including coping with infidelity, plateauing, coping with crisis, children etc.

(for more on what’s inside the program, scroll down to ‘what’s in the program’)

“In this book, you’re going to get two perspectives. Andrew is going to give you the low-down from a guy’s point of view. Amy is going to tell you like it is from a female’s point of view. Each chapter, you’ll get a fresh outlook on how marital problems look to men AND to women.”

- Taken from the Save My Marriage Today Program

Who it IS NOT for

This program is designed for couples who want to save their marriage. If your wife has thrown in the towel and won't dedicate the time and effort needed to go through the program (a few hours over a few weeks) then this program won't help. If you're the only one who want’s to save your marriage then I recommend you go here and look at another option

This program also isn't for people who want a quick fix solution. The main part of the program comprises of written content and 38 exercises which are designed to help you are your wife work on your marriage

What’s Included in the Save My Marriage Today Program:

The Save My Marriage Today Guide is a 158 page eBook, which covers the issues which concern people whose marriages are in trouble.

Along with the eBook, there are additions and bonuses that directly address some big issues in marriages with problems

  • The Save My Marriage Today eBook
  • The Save My Marriage Today eBook – For Marriages in Extreme Crisis
  • Consultations – A Collection of Marriage Consultations compiled by Andrew Rusbatch (3 Volumes)
  • The Rebuild Love in Your Marriage Special Report – Practical Steps to Re-establishing Commitment
  • Bonus #1 – Personal Email Consultation with Trained Relationship Experts
  • Bonus #2 – Stress: The Silent Killer – A Comprehensive Guide to Wellness and Inner Peace
  • Bonus #3 – Seven Ways to Live Life to the Max
  • Bonus #4 – How to be Happy!
  • Bonus #5 – How to Cheat-Proof Your Relationship
  • Bonus #6 – 6 Most Common Reasons for Divorce & How to Stop Them Happening to You

The Save My Marriage Today Program (in a Nutshell)

At it’s core, the Save My Marriage Today Program is a guide for couples to work their way out of their marriage troubles

The program gives an example or two on different issues marriages face, then provides some explanation and some exercises (either to do individually or together) that will help work through the problems

Although there are parts of this program that are for the individual, it is designed to be worked through together. Much of the practical side of the program involves you and your partner working out issues that you have


The Pros and Cons

Compared to the other programs I have reviewed, the good and bad points of the Save My Marriage Today Program are:


Different Marriage Issues Addressed

The program clearly covers the most common issues found to cause issues in marriages. It also gives you something you can about it. There is a lot of detail in the program.

Plenty of Exercises

There is plenty of exercises you can do to help your marriage, with and without your wife. While the exercises alone aren’t going to save your marriage, they are a place to start.

Lots of Real Examples

There is plenty of input from real people who are having marriage troubles, and the advice is given based on these examples which I found easier to relate to.



No Videos or Audio

The program is 100% written (apart from the free consultation)

A Little Outdated

From what I can gather this program was put together around 2005. So it has a few references that are old, and I think a few of the techniques in the eBook are a little outdated as well


I found that the exercises were a little academic. Some might find it hard to do and understand although going through it a few times should remedy that.

Program requires both partners

This program assumes that both parties want to recommit to the marriage. Because of this you really need to do this program together which may not suit every situation

Qualifications of Authors

Although they do specialize in relationships (evidenced by Amy’s body of work) neither she or Andrew (the other writer) are qualified marriage psychologists. I don’t think it’s necessarily a deal breaker but it is important to note.

What Exactly is Covered in the Save My Marriage Today Program?

Below are the topics I found most relevant in the program for husbands trying to win their wives back

  • The 6 Steps of the Relationship Life cycle [pg.20]
  • How to Define Your Emotions to Communicate Better with Your Wife [pg. 26]
  • Why Getting Married Makes a Difference yo ANY Relationship, Even if You Have Lived Together Before [pg. 28]
  • Why Your Vision of Marriage When You Were Young is Hurting Your Marriage Now [pg. 29]
  • 2 Words Not to Use if you want Your Goals for Marriage to Come True [pg. 32]
  • The Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Your Marriage is in a Rocky Period [pg. 35]
  • The First Mistake that Husbands Make When Their Wives First Tell Them ‘They Aren’t Happy’ [pg. 36]
  • Why Saying Sorry to Her is Actually Hurting Your Marriage [pg. 37]
  • What Negotiation Really is, How You Are Doing it Wrong, and How to Negotiate Your Way to a Happy Marriage [pg. 40]
  • The Biggest Difference Between Couples Who Last and Those Who Don’t
  • How Money Really Effects the Roles You Play in Your Relationship [pg. 66]
  • Is Your Wife’s Reason for Wanting Out Because She ‘Wants to be Herself’ or ‘Pursue Her Dreams’. If so, What You Can Do About it [pg. 68]
  • Is Your Wife Telling Your Friends Things She Should Be Telling You? And What You Can Do About it? [pg. 84]
  • The Stages of Crisis in a Marriage [pg. 96]
  • How to Deal with a Partner's Addiction [pg. 97]
  • How to Deal with Depression in a Partner [pg. 98]
  • Is Your Wife Not Laughing at Your Jokes? – When to Use Humor in Your Marriage [pg. 107]
  • Is Your Wife Bored? – How to Identify if Your Wife is in a ‘Mid Marriage Crisis’ Where She Thinks the Grass is Greener? [pg. 108]
  • How Your Wife Expects Intimacy [pg. 111]
  • How to Deal with a Difference in Libido [pg. 113]
  • 3 Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Safe Enough to Open Up to You and be Honest [pg. 114]
  • How to Get Your Wife to Fall Back in Love With You [pg. 138]
  • What to Do if you are Disappointed at Your Wife's Way of Showing Love [pg. 143]
  • How to Know When You Should Seek 3rd Party Help [pg. 144]
  • The Dangers of Counselling [pg. 145]
  • What 3 Things Couples Who Stay Married Have in Common? [pg. 154]

“How Long Til I See Results?”

Although the length of time needed to successfully implement the program will change depending on your situation. a few husbands who have used the program claim to have seen results in as little as 2-3 weeks

What Other Husbands Think of the Save My Marriage Program

"Just this past September, I returned home from a weekend business seminar trip to find my wife waiting for me by the door. She had her keys in her hand and said she had packed up her belongings and was moving out. I was devastated to say the least.

I found the Save My Marriage Today website and though it might be a scam, but I took the risk and ordered the on-line book and resource information. I printed it out and read it over, highlighting that night to cover key areas and making lots of notes.

The next day I began applying the methods and techniques and committed to staying the course. The thing is that I have noticed is a huge change in myself and an understanding of who I am and it wasn’t what “she had done to me” but rather what I did and didn’t do that had the biggest impact upon our outcome."

- Brett P.

"I saw an ad for Save My Marriage and put in a subscription. I found the articles to be very helpful and insightful, and there were times that I thought there was a spy in our home as the articles were so personally related.

We have gone from "I should divorce you" to "Maybe I will keep you around for another 30 years." Marriage is hard work and if you have the right tools and are willing to work with them, you can make it last forever. I think my wife and I are soul mates and I think I would be completely lost without her. I hate to think where I would be if I had not met her when I did."

- Robert and Joanne H

The Alternatives

If after reading this far you don’t think that the Save My Marriage Today Program is for you, you do have some more options:

  1. If you don't think the program covers the issues in your situation you can go here and have a look at what other programs offer
  2. You can also try counselling, although it is more expensive it might work better in your situation
  3. You could also put off doing something or do nothing or even go it alone without some form of guidance/counsel. Although this is not recommended as it leads to a more common instance of marriage breakdown


Want further information on Save My Marriage Today?

After releasing the Save My Marriage Today Program, the authors also released a premium version of the program

It is a 12 part home study guide designed to help you work through those more serious issues in your marriage

It includes 12 downloadable videos and a downloadable workbook. For more details, go here


In Summary…

There is some really great information in the Save My Marriage Today Program. And although the authors aren't university qualified, they do show their breadth and depth of experience in the program itself

From how to deal with a marriage in crisis to defining what you want out of your efforts to save your marriage and everything in between

Sometimes even just a small insight can help change the situation you find yourself in. It can change your opinion on something, or give you a few different viewpoints so you can see an issue a little differently

And as stated at the start of this review, this is what the program intends to do. Help with your communication in your marriage and see things from your wife's point of view. 

And although personally, I found some of the exercises are a little dry and not structured enough to see benefit, I do recommend this product it…

  • You and your wife are happy to sit down and go through the program
  • You are prepared to put the time and effort in to complete at least some of the exercises
  • Your marriage is suffering mainly due to differences in opinion and viewpoint

And remember that there is a 60 Day 100% money back guarantee on Save My Marriage Today so you can try it today with no risk

Good Luck with your Marriage

 - Randy

P.S - ​You can contact me if you have any further questions with the program