9 Romantic Things to Do for Your Wife

Romantic things to do for your wife - woman happy with man outside in park

LET'S BE HONEST. Many of us have a long way to go in the romance department.

We know our wives crave for romance (they keep hinting at it).

But although we know what we are supposed to do, it does not come naturally to many of us.

When you were courting your wife, your inner Romeo was on the rampage. Your romantic creativity flowed effortlessly, and you did not struggle to unleash the candles, love notes, flowers and the dates.

The moment you got married, however, you settled into a beautiful, comfortable rut.

Your romantic gestures grew few and far apart. I can only hope that you are not one of those who rely on Hallmark’s annual reminder that it’s Valentine’s Day. The truth of the matter is, many of us have been dropping the romance ball.

Why you should prioritize romance

Being comfortable and familiar with your wife is wonderful: you have the liberty to be entirely yourself, and you enjoy the vulnerability of a meaningful connection. However, unless you and your wife are deliberate about introducing new and exciting elements to your relationship, your relationship runs the risk of becoming stale. When your marriage loses the sizzle and romance that cemented your connection, you and your wife will be left feeling like roommates instead of lovers.

According to Yvonne Thomas, a psychologist, familiarity in a marriage it can leave both partners feeling invisible, which will breed resentment and the feeling of being unloved.

When you keep the romance in your relationship alive, you not only maintain your connection but your bond grows stronger.

Misconceptions about romance

Many guys think of romance as a prelude to sex. You could not be any further from the truth. The end result of romance should not be the focus but making your wife happy and maintaining your connection.

The second misconception is that romance always requires a five-star production. When you think of romance, do you picture hours of elaborate and expensive preparations for an event that she will never forget? It does not have to be this way. In fact, sometimes simple is better than complex.

Maybe you would like to beat marital blahs, but your stockpile of ideas is running low. Feel free to borrow from the following ideas.

Romantic Things to Do For Your Wife

1. Spice up her morning routine

One way to definitely have your wife smiling is incorporating romance bits into her morning routine. You see, the morning is always very hectic for wives and any gesture that brings a smile to her morning falls in the class of special.

Start off with a special breakfast in bed. Then, you could have a bouquet of flowers waiting for her in her car or driveway. If she has a special place where she gets her coffee or even the cafeteria at her workplace, or you could have customized flowers, or edible chocolate bars delivered there.

2. Indoor Romantic picnic

This is one romantic gesture that will never grow old. Try to get home before your wife and organize a romantic candlelight picnic on your kitchen floor, living room, the balcony or in the garden (depending on the weather). Ensure the basket is full of her favorite finger foods. Can you imagine how thrilled she will be after a long day at work?

3. Use the kids

Do you have children? Involve them in a romantic gesture to make it extra special. For instance, you could have the kids reenact your proposal to her, just to remind her how far you have come and how glad you are to be stuck in the game of life with her.

Speaking of the kids, how about you give your wife some time off. Moms love their children fiercely but any opportunity to recharge is, oh, so appreciated. Tell your wife that you are taking the children out of the house for the day. In the meantime, you could rent her favorite movie to watch during her time alone. To make it extra special, offer to pick up dinner on your way home.

This romantic gesture is a winner on multiple fronts: your wife will be grateful to you for the kind gesture, she will genuinely recharge and feel refreshed, and you will have a happier, more energetic wife on your side. Also, you get to spend the day and bond with the kids, which happens rarely.

Romantic things to do for your wife - happy couple on bike ride date

4. The second first date

The first date is always special to a couple.

You can bring back the first blush of romance by celebrating memories the two of your share. Consider the significant events in your relationship and revisit the venues: the place where you met, the restaurant where you had your first date, the spot where you had your first kiss or the place where you proposed.

You can choose a particular day and make it super romantic by preparing a tour of your relationship. Visit each of the places that are significant to your relationship and remind your wife the path she took after she fell in love with you.

5. Extra special jewelry

You can never go wrong with jewelry. To crank up the romance, you can put some thought into your purchase and buy her jewelry that is customized:

  • A necklace engraved with your wedding date

  • A charm bracelet with the initials of your children as the charms

  • A pendant with the birthstones of your kids

  • A necklace with a pendant combining her initials and yours

6. Write her a letter

One of the sweetest ways you can connect with your wife is through the expression of your thoughts and feelings. This is a unique gift, it will not cost money, and yet it will be one of the most loving gifts to her.

Simply take time to be old-fashioned and write her a letter about how you feel. You do not have to possess perfect grammar or even use flowery language. Just express what is in your heart. The chances are that your wife will cherish this letter and keep it forever.

7. A pamper spa session

All women love the spa. You could gift your wife a nice spa session on a Saturday afternoon. Ensure that she has enough free time and that the spa is not far away so that the joys of the spa are not lost on the long commute. Your wife will have fun, and you will enjoy the company of a rejuvenated wife.

8. Take her to an exciting event

You can make your date night fun and romantic for your wife by taking her to an exciting event happening near you that you know your wife will enjoy. Pick an artist, a band, a play that your wife has been looking forward to and purchase the tickets. Your wife will be touched that you thought of her and she will be thrilled with the surprise.

9. Take a weekend trip with her

One great way to romance your wife is to surprise her with a weekend getaway! Removing her from her responsibilities and monotonous life even just for two days will be exciting for her. It will also do your relationship a lot of good to explore new places together because this strengths your connection.


Your wife only wants to feel cherished and thought of when she feels like she has been forgotten. She wants you to notice her, listen to her, and more than anything, make her feel appreciated. This is all you have to do to make her feel like a brand new woman.

Remember, romantic gestures do not have to be extraordinary. Do not be anxious about your romantic surprise: will she think it is lame? Will she laugh at you? What if it does not go as well as you had hoped? Quit worrying about all these things. Your wife just loves it when you do a romantic thing for her.

It is not really the gesture that matters. It is the thought that you still like her so much that you are still making an effort to woo her after all these years.


Your romantic gesture should not be dripping with expectation. Your wife is not daft: she will know when you are using romance as a precursor for something in return. The proper mindset of romance is wanting your wife to see that you think and care about her and that you think she is pretty special. Period!