‘My Wife is Always Mean to Me – What Can I Do About it?’

My Wife is Always Mean at Me - What Can I Do

IS YOUR WIFE jaded…?

Does it seem like she’s always wanting to get back at you at every opportunity?

Do you feel like you have tried everything, only to feel like it’s a brick wall of ‘don’t talk to me’?

Do you feel like no matter what you try, she still thinks that you’re a piece of trash?

As men, we love to make sure our wives are happy with us. And when they aren’t it can really play on our minds

It comes out of nowhere

It’s hard to see it coming as a man

Most guys just find themselves one day with a wife who always seems mean, and even nasty in some circumstances

And almost treats you like you aren’t a human

And things that were once ‘kinda funny’ are now you being an idiot (and not in a funny dad way)

So how do you turn your ice queen back into the beautiful rational woman that you married?

We’ll let’s take a look at the facts so we can get a better look at what’s going on here

She’s Hurt

In some way and by some person (not necessarily you) your wife is suffering

Unfortunately though, she’s probably not going to come out and tell you why

Although i can tell you this

The wife that you married, the sweet, beautiful woman is still in there somewhere!

Now is not the time to be making personal jabs and digging the hole any deeper

Here’s a little sideline that I think might help illustrate the situation

Men are Like Workers

Although there are plenty of analogies for marriage, here is one that fits in this situation

Men are like workers, women are like managers

Men are like workers. You get to do things and be in the action. You don’t really need anyone else to do what you are doing. In fact others can be a distraction

Your wife however is more like a manager. She needs someone else to help her. She can’t do everything on her own. She needs a worker/doer. If she is by herself, she is restricted in what she can do

So when you don’t spend time/effort/energy etc. with your wife, she feels kind of ripped off

Like she married someone, but they are not putting in their part of the deal

There’s another succinct way to put this…

‘Don’t spend more time with your mistress than with your wife’

Now it’s an older saying, but replace the word mistress with your work, your hobby, your friends etc.

Your wife NEEDS you there

She doesn’t just want you around, she needs your focus and your energy also. She needs to feel like you still want her

Unfortunately you can’t just tell her that it will be ok. A conversation isn’t going to fix this. You need to prove it to her, by spending energy, time, money and anything else you have on her

It can really hurt your wife if she feels like she’s getting the bad end of the deal

If she feels like she is putting in her end of the bargain and you are not…

She Wants You to do Something About Her Hurt

She wouldn’t be making a big deal of something if she didn’t want you to help her in some way

By calling you names and treating you bad she is in fact trying to push you away

This is a simple test that women all around the globe pull from time to time

She is testing whether you really want to be married to her at all

So now isn’t the time to be fighting fire with fire. Stand tall in the face of adversity

She is noticing, she just won’t ever tell you that

Another Big Hurdle to Watch Out For

It can be hard for her to recognise that you are trying to fix/help this situation

Because when anyone puts themselves in a situation like this they always seem to ‘one up’ the solution

If she’s been calling you names and treating you like garbage for a while, she may also have her ego a little involved

She may have told her friends something about the situation, which will make it harder to come back from

But YOU CAN come back from this

Does my wife always being mean to me mean that she is having an affair?

Although I haven’t seen statistics on this, I would not think so

The two things are mutually exclusive

For information on how to know if your wife is having an affair go here

My Wife is Always Mean – What do I do now?

I’m sure that you came here looking for a specific answer and a quick fix

Although when it’s applied the fix will be relatively fast, you need to find out what it is

In the meantime it’s important to focus on being the man that every woman wants

  • Being dependable and not quick to jump at emotions
  • Being a leader and not someone who won't stand up for what they think
  • Giving your wife the attention she wants and deserves

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What to Do if You Think it’s Serious…

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Thanks for reading, and best of luck in your marriage

– Randy