“My Wife Cheated On Me With My Friend… Now What Do I Do?”

You knew your marriage wasn't perfect but you didn't see this coming…

"My Wife Cheated On Me With My Friend... Now What Do I Do?"

Feel like you don't know your wife anymore? Your not alone… Keep reading

You've been working hard, providing for your family, doing what you know is right

Somewhere along the line your wife decided to cheat rather than work on your marriage

It's a messy situation, and now YOU have to clean it up. Let's be clear here…

She's made her decision

Although she may be trying to take it back now, it's done forever

Now you need to make yours… So lets get the facts out in the open


Your wife cheated on you with your friend

  • Both your wife and your friend lied to you
  • Both your wife and your friend used you
  • Both your wife and your friend abused your trust


A Quick Story

Recently a friend of my brothers went through the same situation…

His wife and daughter took a trip to Europe with a travel agent/friend, and when she came back she was sleeping with him

He thought something was fishy so he read her text messages and found out

After a huge argument he left

It wasn't easy…

They still have issues with moving all their stuff, who gets what… etc.

And it's not as easy as just leaving sometimes if you have kids or you share your house/apartment, or you still love her


To help you and other men, I've put together a little list of the 3 things you MUST DO when your wife cheats on you with your friend

But before we get there, if your finding yourself getting angry or frustrated or even depressed, here's a video with a tip for you…

TW Jackson is a relationship expert


Now onto the list

#1 Send her away for a weekend

First thing is first send her away for a weekend at least


You need to break the routine. You may be working hard at work and have a few things on your plate but you can't keep the status quo here

Not only do you need time away from each other, you also need to send a message that things have changed

Your wife and your friend are resenting you and showing you complete disrespect. That has to change. If she won't go, then take yourself away for a weekend


#2 Set some Rules

Now it's time to set some rules

And the rules that you lay down are 100% up to you, but just get some rules

Rules equal respect. If she doesn't follow the rules then she doesn't respect you

1 – Don't sleep in the same bed anymore

Ask her to sleep in the guest room or if she won't go, you go. It is preferable to even live in different places but if your finances can't stretch that far then you at least need to be out of the room

2 – Write a letter together to your ‘friend' telling him that you both don't want to see him in your lives anymore

Even if you plan on leaving your wife I recommend this. Sometimes women can be hesitant to write a letter like this because they believe they still have feelings for the other man. Writing this letter is a good way to find out if she's serious.

3 – If she doesn't work, now she has to get a job

Even if it's 1 or 2 days per week, she needs to keep occupied and put some skin in the game as far as money goes


#3 Get a Plan

This is what most guys DON'T do in this situation. Instead of becoming more independent, they become more needy

Which then transfers into them needing their wife even more than before they found out, which never ends well


What MOST GUYS don't do is have a plan for the situation

And that is what I recommend

So you have something to work with, even if you quit your marriage you have something to fall back on

So how do you get a plan if you have never been in this position before, and never thought you would be either?

Great questions


You can learn what to do from experts who share a man's perspective

Below is one program that I recommend

For the information involved it is well worth it

It's aimed at guys who want their wife back, but it has helpful sections for guys who just want a plan to get on with their lives too.

There are other places to learn free (this blog for instance)

But these programs condense all the good stuff, filter out the bad so you can get your power back and get on with your life, whichever way your marriage goes

I strongly suggest you watch this presentation, and learn how other men are feeling in the same situation


view the presentation

(They usually leave the better stuff til the end so watch the majority of it)


Thanks for reading and best of luck.

Let me know how things are going for you, or how they work out. Shoot me an email at the contact page here.