My Save the Marriage System Review

Will the Save the Marriage System created by Lee Baucom Ph.D work for real marriages?

THE BIGGEST ISSUE I see from husbands when there is marriage trouble is that they don't know what to do…

They don't know how to get their wives to listen to them, and they don't know how to get their wives to open up and have an honest conversation about their relationship

All of this in spite of marriage counselling and other relationship programs

So when I saw Lee Baucom Ph.D saying that communication WAS NOT the main issue in marriages, I was all ears…

What I found when going through the material was refreshing… but would it save real, everyday marriages?

The following review is an answer to that question (along with what I found in the program)…

NOTE: I DO have a copy of the Save the Marriage System that I purchased to review. This review is my opinion of it. Below is a screenshot of the program on my desktop.

Save the Marriage Review Program on Desktop

“In my mind, the real problem is misperception. How we percieve one another (and ourselves) creates many more problems that communication."

- Taken from Lee J. Baucom, Ph. D’s Save the Marriage System, page 4.

Save the Marriage Author Lee Baucom and Family

A Little About the Author

There isn’t many more qualified to guide you through your marriage troubles. With over 22 years of experience in marriage therapy. Lee Baucom Ph .D is the most qualified author of a ‘marriage repair' program that I have seen.

And with his experience, he has decided to take a different stance on couples and marriage therapy. The best way to describe him I feel is as a ‘marriage counselor gone rogue'

Early on in the program he talks about how traditionally marriage counseling can hurt, not help your marriage and why it's flawed. You can see more about that in the video below

Will the Save the Marriage System Work for Me?

Who the System IS for:

The system is particularly useful for those circumstances where COUNSELLING WILL NOT WORK. (I.e. you wife wont attend with you, you have a tight budget or you cannot find a counselor that you trust.)

It is designed for one person to be able to read, make a plan and start working on the relationship.

As far as your particular marriage situation, in the quick start guide Lee identifies the stages that the Save the Marriage System can assist with:

Stage 1: You see problems down the road in your relationship

Stage 2: You see problems in your relationship, and you don’t know if you want to stay in the marriage

Stage 3: Your spouse has told you that she is unhappy

Stage 4: Your spouse is threatening to leave

Stage 5: Your spouse has left. No legal proceedings. Still communicating

Stage 6: Your spouse has left. No legal proceedings. No communication

Stage 7: Your spouse has left and has started legal proceedings. Still communicating (Also applies when spouse has started legal proceedings while in the home

Stage 8: Your wife has left and started legal proceedings. No communication

Who the System IS NOT for:

Anyone who wants it done for them

You need to take action for the Save the Marriage System to work. This isn’t done for you (although there is a group you can join). You must be prepared to work at your marriage

People who don’t think they can save their marriage

Be honest here. Do you think that your marriage is ‘too far gone' or do you still believe that you can save it?

Do you believe that you can win your wife’s heart back? Lee Baucom says he has seen marriages come back from all 8 stages (see above), but if you don’t think it's possible then this is deal breaker.

Save the Marriage Review - eBook

“What Do I Get in the Save the Marriage System?”

The complete Save the Marriage System is a 158 page eBook, along with 3 other eBooks, 4 bonuses (which includes 2 audios) and a free consultation with a certified relationship coach (you do need to request this – more on this down below)

For those who like things in list format, here is all the components of the system laid out

  • Complimentary 20 minute phone/Skype consultation with certified relationship coach
  • Module 1: The ‘Top Five Things NOT To Do When Your Partner Wants Out’ Report
  • Module 2: Quick-Start Guide To Saving Your Marriage
  • Module 3: Save The Marriage Core Component
  • Module 4: Down-N-Dirty Guide To Saving Your Marriage
  • Bonus 1: Coping With A Mid Life Marriage Crisis
  • Bonus 2: Recovering From An Affair Audio
  • Bonus 3: 5 Rules For Fair Fighting Report
  • Bonus 4: A Very Special Bonus eBook: Change Of Heart, by Paul and Jennifer Thibeault
Save the Marriage - Even if Only You Want it

The Save the Marriage System (in a nutshell)

Simply put, the system is a comprehensive and practical guide for men (and women) in any stage of marriage problems

It's simple to understand and easy to follow and start implementing

The ‘quick start guide’ is very easy to follow and will give you a clear guide to follow for your particular circumstance

The 20 minute free consultation also helps you plan what action you need to take

The Save the Marriage eBook is full of information and techniques you can use to benefit your marriage. The bonuses help if your marriage has a particular issue (i.e. infidelity, mid-life crisis, etc.)

“People, ... seem to find the person that has the potential of creating an ideal relationship… and has the potential of creating a most painful relationship. And all that in the same person!

- Taken from Lee J. Baucom, Ph. D’s Save the Marriage System, page 1.

The Pros and Cons



Lee Baucom Ph .D is qualified and has been counselling couples for 22 years. It’s a wealth of education and experience that you get to benefit from in the form of his advice

Easy to follow

Clear and concise for whatever stage you are in your marriage

Free consultation

The free 20 minute chat with the coach helps implementing the plan easier. I had Debbie with mine. She listened to exactly what's going on and then we created an action plan that was based on my situation. After the call I could use it to immediately start repairing my marriage.

Can be used alone

Some online programs and counselling sessions require both you and your wife to want to save the marriage and actively commit to working on it for it to work. The Save the Marriage System is designed to work even when there is just one person wanting to save the marriage.


All of this information for less than $50 is a great deal. Especially when you compare it to counselling which can cost up to $150 per hour

Tried and Tested

If you're still thinking of trying to save your marriage without some form of professional advice then I would really advise against it. This program has been proven to work and is so easy to download and follow. There are plenty of reviews on the website



Simple, but not easy

The Save the Marriage System is something that needs to be worked at. And depending on the current state of your marriage it may take quite a while. There are exercises and techniques to help you build your relationship with your wife, no scripts or tricks.

Digital only

Some people prefer hard copy of things, however this program is digital only. The upside is that it is immediately delivered to you

A Little Dated

From reading the material in the system it appears that it was put together around 2006.

Couple working with the Save the Marriage System

 What’s Covered in the Save the Marriage System?

After going through the material, here is what I found most relevant for husbands who want to win their wives back:

  • The first thing you need to do when your wife tells you she is not happy [pg. 4 Quick Start Guide]
  • How to start the conversation you have to have to get your wife back [pg. 11 qsg]
  • How to open a line of communication with your wife is she has stopped talking to you [pg. 16 qsg]
  • Why traditional marriage counselling only has a 15-20% success rate [pg. 4]
  • Why improving your communication can make your marriage worse [pg. 5]
  • Why traditional couples therapy can kill off what’s left of your marriage [pg. 7]
  • What to do about power struggles in a marriage [pg. 20]
  • 2 methods to discover complementary strengths in your marriage [pg. 52]
  • What part anger plays in your marriage troubles [pg. 77]
  • How anger masks the real problems in a marriage [pg. 78]
  • Why the points system many people use in their marriages in hurting your connection with your wife
  • The 4 basic steps to setting up new boundaries in your marriage and why they are so important [pg. 98]
  • How to start winning your wife's trust back [pg. 107]
  • The path back to intimacy in your marriage [pg. 111]
  • Why many husbands unknowingly try and force their past or future on their marriage and how to avoid this [pg. 124]
  • The 2 biggest struggles of power in a marriage & how to manage them [pg. 124]
  • Why women can be sexually repressed [pg. 129]
  • The 7 intimacy secrets of successful marriages [pg. 131]
  • How to know what role money plays to your wife in your marriage [pg. 135]
  • The 4 most common ‘money’ pitfalls couples fall into and the alternative view that will help save your marriage [pg. 139]
  • The short survey anyone can take that determines what your wife sees when you manage money [pg. 144]
  • What you should be giving for in your marriage even if it’s on the rocks [pg. 147]
  • Why an upwards trend in a relationship isn’t the best thing to aim for [pg. 149]
  • Why ‘re-inventing’ your relationship is so important and how to do it successfully [pg. 150]


Want More Support?

Lee Baucom Ph.D also offers a personal coaching service where you can speak directly with a relationship coach.

He has also created a private community where on a regular basis (once a week typically) he answers questions and gives tips and techniques. He calls this his ‘virtual coaching group’ and you can access it after purchasing the Save the Marriage System.

It is recommended that you go through the Save the Marriage System first before going through the coaching or joining the private community. This way you have a leg up and have an understanding of what it takes to save a marriage.

What Other Husbands are Saying about the Save the Marriage System by Lee Baucom, Ph.D

“Radically different…

I finally have hope..
My marriage has been in trouble for years. I’ve read other books. . . your ideas are radically different from the others. I’ve never read anything like it. Now, things are improving. I finally have hope!”

 - Brad R.

"Straightforward knowledge that will be sure to help you in your marriage!

I've just completed reading the Save the Marriage system and have begun implementing Lee's recommendations. I've listened to most of Lee's podcasts as well. His straightforward advice and simple, not easy, material is some of the best I've found.

Lee's experience helping people save their marriages and the knowledge he's gained from doing so really shows in the material. It's worth every penny."

 - Seth R.


The Alternatives…

What else is out there?

You have 3 choices if you don’t think that the Save the Marriage System will work for you…


Although Lee Baucom (a former marriage counselor) doesn’t recommend marriage counselling as a whole, it can work for some people.

Although to get the most out of it, both husband and wife have to go and commit to it for a reasonable period of time (10 weeks). This can add up and add further strain on a marriage in trouble.

Other programs

You could select a different program. Although, after going through all the programs this is the one i recommend for the vast majority of people, your case might be one of those out of the box ones.

If it is, have a look at the other programs here

Do nothing

You could do nothing and decide to go it alone, or try to use free information from the internet. However, using bits and pieces of information from people who may or may not be qualified and experienced will not give you better results. The Save the Marriage System has been proven to work. All you need to do is follow it out of the box!

In the end you need to ask yourself ‘is my marriage worth the investment in time and money?’

Save the Marriage - Even if Only You Want it

In Summary…

After going through all the marriage saving programs I could find online, I find this one to the best and that is why it receives my recommendation

Following a marriage rescue program you found on the internet might be a large leap of faith for some.

You may have many questions, most notably:

This may have worked for others, but will it work for me?

Although there is no way that anyone (counsellor, psychologist or online program author) can guarantee that your marriage can be repaired. You can give it the best shot by getting the best advice.

The online platform is simply the best way for Lee Baucom Ph.D to give this advice to everyone who needs it, when they need it.

And if for some reason you are unhappy with the system, you get a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee. (Lee doesn’t even handle the money, he only get’s paid after the 60 days is up and he knows you are happy with what you have received)

It’s only when something is in jeopardy that you really understand how important it is. I think the same goes with marriage.

Join the 82,000+ other users of the system and give your marriage the best chance with Save the Marriage System Now!