“Is My Wife Having an Affair ? How can I Know for Sure?”

The loyal husband's guide on the behavior of cheating wives

You have known each other for years. You shared your special day together, along many special moments along the way…

But now she seems a little distant. Like she’s keeping something from you and you can feel it.

is my wife having an affair her phone messages

The below signs are a signal to start looking for evidence

But how do you know if she’s cheating?

We’ll first of all, where does an affair start? and does an emotional affair count as an affair?

I think we all agree that we don’t want our partners to be having affairs, emotionally or physically…

An emotional affair is an affair that just hasn’t taken the physical stages yet. And although you might later decide to forgive an emotional affair but not a physical one, they are both on the same road to marriage breakdown

With this being where I stand on the issue, I would be very concerned if my wife was having an emotional affair with another man or woman

So with that sorted, how do you know if your wife is having an affair?


The 5 signs of a cheating wife

She is uncomfortable around you

She either wants privacy or doesn’t share the same space with you for very long. If this is the case then you have grounds to start spying on her stuff to catch her in my opinion. Or at least confront her about why she seems uncomfortable around you.


She is not welcoming of your attention

Wives love the attention of their husbands so if your wife is not happy to spend time with you then something is up


She does things that she did when she was single

If she hasn’t touched a dumbbell in years and now starts exercising regularly, then she could be trying to impress someone. This one needs to be paired with another one of the main tell tale signs.


She has a new friend and she says that you shouldn’t worry because they are just friends

Get worried. It starts out like this more often than not. (Keep reading to find out how to deal with this)


She comes home late wanting sex

This is the dead giveaway. If this happens to you and you have been experiencing some of the other signs as well as this then it’s time to think of finding proof on her phone, computer or asking her friends and checking any potential alibi’s.


Side Note

Women can think that the problem is you in the marriage, and you don’t do this or that. It can take women a few long term relationships and even marriages to realise that it’s not the men, it’s her. So if your wife hasn’t had much experience before you, then you could be up against the ‘grass is always greener on the other side of the fence syndrome’.

Remember, she thinks that this is your fault and blames you in some way, even though it sounds ludicrous. She has told herself things to keep her feeling like a ‘good person’ although she is doing something that ‘bad people’ typically do and at one time in her life she never thought she would do.

Like any cheater, she has inner conflicts she is dealing with. When she is caught, and it all comes crashing down it isn’t necessarily going to go your way. Cheating wives can lash out at husbands after being confronted, they can also get very mean.

Unfortunately, women aren’t like men in these situations. They can say one thing to one person and something completely different to another and think it’s normal and even justify it somehow.

‘You weren’t paying attention to me, what was I supposed to do?’

So you do need to catch your wife out if you are to confront her about her infidelity, and then be ready for a range of emotional responses from your wife, ranging from sadness to anger, and you may even get blamed for her infidelity.

The confrontation will not be easy

Looking for proof in her phone or emails might not be so hard, but seeing that she is indeed cheating is very tough

It isn’t an easy situation for anyone

And the chances of the fact that you think that there is another party in your marriage… is also a cause for concern.

There is some trust and respect missing. The relationship is not as strong as it could be.

If you find out that your wife is having an affair

Then it’s time to make a decision and form some kind of plan. How are you are going to deal with it?

Witnessing marriage breakups through friends and readers of this website sending me emails i can let you know there is one thing that can make the difference between dealing with the situation well and not so well.

That is putting yourself first and controlling what you can control.

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If it turns out that your wife isn’t having an affair…

Spend some time and strengthen your marriage with your wife. Spend some more time with her, connect with her on an intimate level and make her feel ‘like a woman again’.

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