“I’m in Shock… My Wife Cheated on Me With a Woman”

Now what Do I Do?

Some men even think that their wife being with another woman is great and a fantasy… until it happens

my wife cheated on me with a woman

It's Not A Fantasy

Then the light of reality shines in, and keeps shining

It's perfectly normal to feel empty

Your doing what you think is right and then out of the blue this happens…

For her sometimes its been a long time coming, other times she just did it on the spur of a moment

Either way…


The Trust Has Been Broken

Many men have a tough time climbing out of this hole

Because over time without realizing it we have relied more and more on our wives the longer we are with them

If your like most men you've seen your friends less and less over the years and you have given more and more of your time to your family

Many men also have a set routine that they follow and part of the heartbreak is the fact that this way of life that has become so comfortable has to change

And it's generally too late to change to get their wife back, it's just change because they have to


But Here's the Real Kicker

It's a harsh truth but I want you to hear it from someone, because most men go to women for advice on this stuff…

And they tell all sorts of stories and some guys like to believe that, but it doesn't actually help them.

So I want you to know that your wife cheated on you with a woman and now…

No one cares

And your wife probably feels bad about what she's done… but that's not going to change anything

You are on your own (you were always on your own, but now you know it)

The thing is she isn't going to feel responsible about it.

She's not going to try and fix it…


Although some women are going to say that it was a mistake, it's pretty hard to come back from this one


The Trust is Completely Gone

It can be especially hard if you have a family

Your wife just leaves after a certain amount of time to live her other life

Leaving you with the kids, house and everything in a mess…

It can be a real mind bender


Who's Going to Fix it?

It's important to realize that this isn't your fault, but at the same time, your the one who is going to have to fix it

Your the one who needs to be taking the action

The other player has made their move, now what are you going to do?

And remember, you will probably get some backlash from your wife… she may even try to make you feel guilty… but it's your life, do it anyway


Was Your Life A Lie?

You may be thinking about all the times you shared together.. was it just a lie?

It wasn't

Then she was committed in her actions, and for all she knew her heart was committed as well

She may not have known what was coming, or thought she could deny it for her life…

But in any case that was then and now is now

Although it can be a very scary situation to be staring out into the world alone

Not knowing who you can talk to, maybe even wanting to keep the whole thing a secret until your wife ‘changes her mind'

a new day for a man who has been cheated on

It's the beginning of a new life for you

What You Can Do

It's happened now, your wife isn't going to change her mind and as much as our thoughts will take us into the past, it's a lot better to look into the future

Because that is where your going to be living

Get some goals and take action!

If you have teenage or adult kids living at home then everyone is going to have to pull together to get things done

Also people are going to be pretty pissed off/upset and angry so it isn't necessarily going to be the best place to live



Things do have to change, but at first don't plan anything huge…

This way you can deal more easily with things that come up

Your wife is going to be more like a friend as in, your going to have to drop everything and seeing her will be its own thing

You wont just see her around as she helps the family

And you will have some issues in the future

Trust issues mostly

And although she says she will always be there for the kids you have, she's not living with you and cleaning up after them


If You Have Kids…

Your kids also will have trust issues with your wife

It's going to be hard for them to see why she walked out on them…

Unfortunately it's the man who is going to have to pick up the pieces here


What to Do Now?

There is professional help available for people who are in marriage break ups that doesn't cost the earth

You can view some here:



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Randy Johnson