How to Show Your Wife You Love Her – Without Robbing a Bank

How to show your wife you love her - wife not happy

Disclaimer – If you want standard answers then this blog isn't for you… There's so much information out there. Many people giving advice. But so much of it is generic, stuff that you've heard and you already know…  and if it worked you'd already be seeing the results

SO LET'S GET right down to it

How do you show your wife you love her…. Really love her without breaking the bank

But before we can go into some actionable techniques, first we have to cover a little theory…

How to Really Communicate with Your Wife (or Any Woman)

Woman for a long time have been conditioned to look for one thing…


Women aren't interested in talk

It's so important to them that they detect any kind of lie or miscommunication

They have advanced BS filters and they focus strictly on what actually happens, not what someone says will happen

This is apparently due to caveman times where the women who were with strong men survived…

And the ones that relied on good intentions didn't

So what does action have to do with showing my wife I love her

Well here's the deal

Unless you REALLY show your wife you love her, it's going to fall on deaf ears

And i know all of us husbands have been there

You tell your wife something and she doesn't seem to care

It's a big deal to you and you think it should be a big deal to her but she couldn't really care less…


Because of ACTION

So now the question is…

How do I Show my Wife I Love Her and Have Her Actually Notice and Appreciate it

Disclaimer – As I was saying before, there is plenty of advice out there. Some of it is totally useless. I read in the top result from our friend Google ‘turn the TV off and listen to her'. Now if you're a guy like me you've tried that one… Turned to your wife with the TV off and said something along the lines of ‘Let's talk'. And if your like me your wife kept asking ‘What do you want to talk about?' Then after a while you realize why the TV is on in the first place and put it back on

Remember how we were talking about action? She wants you to do something

That something could be something expensive like the typical gift ‘jewelry'

And this is what MOST GUYS do, but here's the deal with that

Why Buying Jewelry Kinda Works – and How to Get the Same Result Spending with Less Money

Women to me work like peacocks and peahens

Look at the diamond ring. It's' expensive and it does nothing except for tell other people how much it cost. You dont need to spend $2k+ to do that. A peice of string could do that, but that's just how women work.

This can also mean money… if that money means something to you. i.e. if you earn $5000 a month and you spend $1000 on a gift, that would mean something to her

(I am not suggesting you do this)

Men sometimes rely on the money but it doesn't always work as well as it should

What She Really Wants

What she really wants is…

For her to be happy

She doesn't really care so much about you at all (sorry this can be hard to take if you haven't heard this before)

And for her to be happy she has to get what she wants

The biggest issue with this, and the reason why so many guys fork out money for jewelry and other gifts is that they want it NOW

Husbands can't play the game the way their wives do

Which is over time…

It's a marathon gents, not a sprint or a horse race

You need to keep some kind of attention on her at all times

Obviously not all your attention, but if we were to put it in terms of time, about hour a day (I am not definitive on that figure when i write this)

Because sometime soon she's going to NEED you

And that's when YOU are going to show your wife that you love her

  • When she needs to vent at something that happened at work
  • When she's worried about money
  • When she's so busy with the kids and this and that and needs a break

You'll be there to press the pause button for her, and take that pressure off of her

That is showing your wife that you love her. By being that one person that she can depend that's there

But it doesn't happen all the time every day…

You need to play the game

Between Then and Now

“So if us guys want everything to be done right now, then what do i do now?”

The answer to this question is

A Note about Showing Your Wife you Love Her…

If you're still reading this then there is a chance that your marriage is in a little trouble

You've fought with your wife and you want to make it up to her, or even just even the ledger

Now here's the deal, what you've just read above WORKS

And it's the best way to go from here on out… Don't go the jewelry route, it's a quick fix, and you'll need to keep spending more and more every time you go to use it

But there is some special advice for you

That is you need to keep the channels of communication open. You need to make sure that she is talking to you. Once you kill that it can be very hard to reopen it

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Best of luck in your situation

Thanks for reading, any questions then use the contact form

– Randy