How to Get Ex Back Review – My Thoughts After 3 Months

Who SHOULD and Who SHOULD NOT use the ‘How To Get Ex Back' System

After reading and listening to the program, I wrote this honest review

Disclaimer: I want you to know that I have the HowToGetExBack System/Program, I've read and listened to the whole thing and below is honestly what I think of it

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The program on my computer at home

Disclaimer 2: I have written this review with one main question in mind.

“Is this system right for you?”

If it's not, I don't want you to use it. Your wasting your time and money

But if it is right for you, then it can save your relationship and bring the two of you close again

I would also like to let you know that if you do decide to buy after reading the review then please use the buttons on the page. The will take you to the site where you can find out more information and purchase. It doesn't cost you anything by clicking on the buttons on my site

The program is $47 USD, there are no discounts and extra coupon codes, any site telling you this is a fraud. You cannot get the program cheaper, it costs you this much no matter however you decide to buy

Anyhow lets first discuss some important points so you know if this system is right for you


What This System Isn't…

It's not a magic potion

Although the program does outlay a plan for you to contact your ex, your going to have to do the work. So this is not silver bullet. It is an easy to follow, straight forward plan that has achieved results for others. And it can take time, if you want something instant, then you should look elsewhere


It's not a long program

The program is actionable but it's not a long term plan. It tells you what to do for the next 14-28 days and sets you on the right trajectory, but this program isn't ‘3 tricks to do every week to get your wife to love you' type… For that you will need to pair it with something else


It's not guaranteed

The system doesn't guarantee that your ex will come back to you. It has worked for others in the past but i'm sure there are some people who it hasn't worked for in the past too. Whether it works or not depends on you and your situation


OK so now we know what the system doesn't do…

Who is the System for?

Primarily – Men who have split from their wives/girlfriends, and want them back

If there is a wedge in your relationship, no matter if it's a small one or a large one, then this program is for you

It is mainly for those guys who are living separately. One of you has moved out or is sleeping in a different room. And yes it also covers the fact that one of you maybe looking for another relationship

It can also be used to also get the spark going again, if your relationship is just in a flat spot. To reintroduce love and happiness to your marriage, and get it going in the right direction again

Spoiler Alert

The author and experienced relationship counselor Justin Sinclair, says not to leave it too long before contacting your ex after a split like this

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Does it Actually Work?

Justin has presented many testimonials in his video presentation. There are also detailed case studies written up in the program

I have gone through the program and I think if you genuinely want to win your wife back, and you follow what he says, then yes there is a good chance it will work for you

But I do want to say this. Although Justin does give you the plan, and even examples of what to say, it is up to you to follow through.

(More on my experiences with the program below)


What Makes it Worth Trying?


Justin Sinclair is a relationship counselling professional, who has also had experience in his own relationships. There are plenty of testimonials from existing users in the video on the website, and also 5 detailed case studies written up in the program


It's easy to understand

It's a very simple and well thought out system. It shows you how to communicate with your ex and get her to to the stage where you both acknowledge you still love one another

Justin explains in plain every day language what to do, how to do it and why it works.

After going through the system I believe that anyone can read/listen to it and then put it into action



There's a plan. Justin Sinclair even helps you with what you are going to say and gives you examples you can use. If your after something that you can put into action straight away, then this program does that


Comes in Audio and Written Word

The system comes with audio so you can listen to it in the car. This is great if your not a big reader or have long commutes


What is in the program?

A list of the guides included in the How to Get Ex Back System:

5 Texting Case Studies

Think that the system may not work for you? Read how 5 other couples got their relationships back on track by using the program

5 Things that stop arguments

In case you need some help in the area with your partner

How to Bring the Romance Back

8 Tips on how to spice up your love life and get it back to what it used to be like (also in audio)

Rapid Forgiveness

The 5 steps to a faster forgiveness to get you in prime position to get your ex back

Never Lose them Again

After you've won her heart back, how to keep her happy (also in audio)

The How to Get Ex back System

The full system to getting your ex back to the point where you both admit that you still love each other. This includes examples of what you can say to your wife or girlfriend (also in audio)

Ex Back 4 Times Faster

How to really get the most out of the system this guide walks you through the process in detail so you can really make it work for you


Think your situation is a little different?

Here are the questions answered by the get ex back system

  • How do I talk to my ex and get her to hear me out after our break up?
  • When should I contact my ex if i want to get back with her?
  • What if our break up was messy and we had a huge argument, what do i do then?
  • How do i start the process to getting your wife/girlfriend back?
  • How long should i wait before i make contact with my ex?
  • Is an extended silence between us a good idea, or not?
  • What should I say to my ex when I first make contact?
  • What should I avoid saying? (this is a free bonus available here)
  • What feelings should i be expressing when i first contact my ex?
  • How do I get my ex to listen to what I have to say?
  • After making contact, when do I start hinting that I want to get back together?
  • How long will it take for me to know if she wants me back, or not?
  • What time of the day should I contact her?
  • What should i do if we have shared friends and acquaintances?
  • What do i say and not say when we first meet up?


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My Personal Experience

I would like to let you know that I didn't buy this program to mend my marriage. I have never split from my wife (touch wood).

Although after listening to the program and reading the bonuses I started to act differently around my wife. To be honest around the time i was listening to this program our marriage wasn't going great. We had a lot of stress, financial mostly.

So I started using the communication ‘hacks' that Justin talks about. Mainly his techniques on concentrating on what my wife wanted to hear from me. I especially liked his explanation on listening and how to avoid coming across negatively and judgmentally. (which is something I have trouble with)

I listened more, I thought (does she really want to hear that)…

Since then our marriage has improved. It's been less stressed and more fun, and overall we are both happier.

How to Get Ex Back System


The best part about the system is that anyone can do it

Sometimes systems can be complicated and they can be a bit hard to implement. But everyone who uses How to Get Ex Back will get value because it's so easy to implement

Justin even gives you examples to use, and lays out a framework for how you can contact your ex in a way where she will actually listen to what you have to say

In that way it's brilliant and it's a smart choice to save your marriage

How to Get Ex Back System


Thanks for reading my how to get ex back review. If you have any comments, queries of constructive criticisms then please use the contact page

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