101 Conversation Starters for Couples

Couple looking at conversation starters on laptop in bed

THE CONVERSATIONS YOU HAVE with the person closest to you are often the hardest to start.

It doesn’t make any sense, does it? You’ve been together for years, but you can’t think of a single discussion point, observation or tale to get things going.

This is entirely normal. Great conversations aren’t easy to come by, no matter how close you are to the person across the table. They are there, though – in the dark recesses of your brain – and in this blog post, we’re going to help you unearth the best conversation starters for you and your loved one.

We’ve grouped them into ten handy discussion areas that are sure to get the words flowing:


Even if you only occasionally visit the cinema, relating events from the silver screen to everyday stuff is a great way to get the chat going…

Q1 – Which three movie characters do you want our kids to turn out like?

Q2 – Which film character inspires you the most (dead or alive)?

Q3 – Which film character has your dream job?

Q4 – What movie did you watch as a kid that you really shouldn’t have?

Q5 – What film was better for you than the book?

Q6 – What movie scene literally made you uncontrollably laugh out loud?

Q7 – What’s the saddest scene you’ve seen in a movie?

Q8 – What scene scared you the most in a movie?

Q9 – Which movie scene would you most like to act out with me?

Q10 – Who’s the most annoying actor and why?


The geopolitical environment might be as turbulent as ever, but that shouldn’t put you off using it as a method to get the conversation flowing…

Q1 – If you ran for president, what would get you through the contest?

Q2 -Which political figure inspires you the most (dead or alive)?

Q3 – What would you ask your least favorite politician if you were alone in a room with them??

Q4 – What political event would you change if you could?

Q5 – What’s bothering you most about the world at the moment?

Q6 – Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un or Vladimir Putin: who’s the scariest?

Q7 – Which political decision do you think has made the biggest difference to our lives?

Q8 – What’s the single biggest change you’d like to see, come the next election?

Q9 – If you had the chance again, would you vote for the same political party?

Q10 – Which politician makes you cringe the most when you see them on TV?.


What better way to spark a memorable fireside chat than to indulge in passions from the track, field or race circuit?

Q1 – What would you rather be, given the chance – a professional cyclist or runner?

Q2 – What was the funniest thing you remember from school sports day?

Q3 – If you could be given the power to excel at a particular sport for a day, which one would you go for?

Q4 – What sport did you play as a kid and wish you’d kept up?

Q5 – Which sportsperson do you reckon would be great on a night out?

Q6 – What sporting achievement on TV made you cry?

Q7 – Which sport did you dread the most at school?

Q8 – What’s been the best live sport you’ve watched?

Q9 – Which olympic sport do you think is the hardest?

Q10 – If the two of us could go back in time to one sporting event, what would you choose?


We’re living in the age of the box set, and if weekend-long binges are a signature part of your lives together, you’ve got all the inspiration you need…

Q1 – What’s your top five boxsets? And I need a reason for each!

Q2 – Which TV character inspires you the most (dead or alive)?

Q3 – Who’s your favorite TV baddie?

Q4 – Which TV series scared you the most as a kid?

Q5 – Which TV series were you not allowed to watch as a kid but secretly did?

Q6 – Which of the box sets we’ve seen would you watch again in one sitting tomorrow?

Q7 – If you could rewrite the ending to your favorite TV series, what would happen?

Q8 – Which fictional TV character do I remind you of the most?

Q9 – Who would play you and I in a TV series about our lives?

Q10 – We can teleport ourselves into a TV program right now – what would you choose?


Come on, admit it – you both love a bit of celebrity gossip and watching those on-high fall from grace. Let’s talk it through…

Q1 – Which celebrities’ lives remind you of our own?

Q2 – Tell me your most embarrassing celebrity crush as a kid and I’ll tell you mine.

Q3 – If you had one chance to invite a celebrity couple to our house tonight for dinner, who would it be (dead or alive)?

Q4 – What’s the stupidest thing you’ve seen a celebrity do in the papers?

Q5 – If you had to give up one thing to become famous, what would it be?

Q6 – What single element of celebrity would you struggle to cope with the most?

Q7 – If you could be famous for just one thing, what would it be?

Q8 – Which celebrity’s dress sense do you think I should have a go at copying?

Q9 – Who’s your weirdest celebrity crush?

Q10 – If you achieved worldwide fame, where would you choose to live?


Often, the best conversation starters lay well beneath the surface of what’s deemed ‘normal’ society and culture. Be warned: these conversations could get rather spicy…

Q1 – What subculture would you love to get involved in?

Q2 – If it didn’t embarrass you quite so much, what fandom (i.e. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, etc) would you like to display you love for in public?

Q3 – What was the one thing you got involved in as a kid and wished you hadn’t?

Q4 – Which subculture from your childhood do you wish you’d got involved in?

Q5 – What’s the weirdest event a friend has asked you to accompany them to?

Q6 – What’s the strangest thing you’ve discovered a colleague does in their spare time?

Q7 – If you could be a hacker for one day, what would you break into?

Q8 – Have you ever secretly wanted to do something you thought I’d laugh at? If so, what was it?

Q9 – If you could have been the ringleader for a specific movement in history, what would it have been?

Q10 – What drug – if any – would you make legal, and why?

Trends and fashion

Trends come and go, but with each passing bandwagon, there’s at least one conversation to be had…

Q1 – What’s the stupidest trend you got involved in as a kid?

Q2 – What’s the most annoying trend you’ve seen in the office recently?

Q3 – If you could make something go viral, what would it be?

Q4 – Can you think of any skill or passion you have that could turn you into a YouTube star?

Q5 – What kind of videos do you watch on YouTube?

Q6 – Which outfit of mine do you desperately wish I’d never bought?

Q7 – What past fashion trend did you get involved in that looks really funny now?

Q8 – What piece of your clothing reminds you of a particular time we spent together?

Q9 – What bandwagon do you think we should have jumped on last year but ignored?

Q10 – What’s the most annoying thing you saw on Facebook today?


It’s what helps us forget about the stresses and strains of work and enables us to dance, cry, laugh and be happy. You can’t go wrong with this one…

Q1 – What music from your childhood do you want our children to listen to?

Q2 – If we could get married again, which famous band would you have play at the wedding reception?

Q3 – Name three songs that always make you think of the early days of our relationship.

Q4 – What’s your all-time favorite lyric from a song?

Q5 – What music instrument do you wish you could play?

Q6 – Which song last made you cry?

Q7 – What’s the stupidest thing your favorite band or pop star did in the papers?

Q8 – Nuclear war is going to end it all tomorrow. We can listen to one song together for the very last time. What would it be?

Q9 – Which band or pop star is your biggest guilty pleasure that you’ve not told me about?

Q10 – Pick one gig from the past you wish you’d attended.


You probably spend more of your waking life with colleagues than you do with your loved one. Let off some steam – bring them into that world (and vice-versa!)…

Q1 – Who do you think at work has the weirdest home life and why?

Q2 – If you could reverse time, which alternate career path would you have taken?

Q3 – What’s the single coolest thing you’ve done at work this week?

Q4 – If you could swap your job for mine for an entire week, what would scare you the most about your new role?

Q5 – Who do you reckon has the hardest job in the world?

Q6 – What’s the funniest thing you’ve done at work to kill off some time?

Q7 – What’s the worst thing you’ve done at work that no one knows about?

Q8 – What did you take with you when you left your last job (that you shouldn’t have taken)?

Q9 – If you were allowed to run Facebook for one year, what would you do with it?

Q10 – If we ran a business together, what could we sell?

Your relationship/life

No need to get soppy, is there? Actually, you can – but you don’t always need to reach for the obvious. Life, too, throws up many questions…

Q1 – What stuff do we do that makes you feel happy to be alive?

Q2 – When were you last really scared?

Q3 – What do I do that makes you feel like the only person on the planet?

Q4 – What makes you feel like opening up to me?

Q5 – Do you think people these days have what it takes to be a good parent in today's society?

Q6 – How will our children change the world?

Q7 – Do we, as a couple, want to live for ourselves, or live for others?

Q8 – What would you say if I said that by this time next year, I want us to be living on a caribbean island?

Q9 – What would you do if I gave you $10million right now?

Q10 – When we retire, what do you want to do during that first year of freedom?

Q11 – If we were given the keys to a car with endless petrol, where would you want me to take you right away?

Wrapping up

Still stuck for conversation?

Thought not.

Keep this list handy; there’s a lifetime of discussion above, and it’ll ensure your relationship is fuelled by words, passion, tears, laughter and plenty of healthy debate.