My Review of Brad Browning's Mend the Marriage

BRAD BROWNING IS A RELATIONSHIP coach who specializes in breakup and divorce resolution.

He has helped thousands of people around the globe with their marriage problems, which is evidenced by his YouTube channel and Website

Brad Browning - Author of Mend the Marriage

This is a screenshot taken from Brads Mend the Marriage Video

Brad offers a 1-on-1 coaching service, but Mend the Marriage is his DIY guide to helping husbands (and wives) get their marriages back together

According to Brad, the goal of the program is to help individuals save their marriage (even if only one person wants to save it)

“You on your own, by changing your behavior, can improve your relationship"

- Taken from Brad Browning, in Mend the Marriage

NOTE: Before I go any further, I'd like to say that I have been through the Mend the Marriage Program and the following review is my opinion. You can contact me (details below) if you have any questions.

Mend the Marriage Files on My Computer

The Mend the Marriage Files on MY Computer

Who Should Use Mend the Marriage, and Who Shouldn't

If you have decided to save your marriage, or even if you're on the fence, then this program is a great reference to have in your arsenal

It is also a big help if you have been trying to make things better on your own but things have been coming against a wall. Brad Browning (the author) will show you what works and give you tools that work, as opposed to trying to do it on your own

It will help in your circumstance if… (Taken out of Brad Browning's Book…)

  • Your wife has announced that she is not happy in the marriage and wants to end it
  • You are already involved in divorce proceedings but still want to save your marriage
  • You are worried that your marriage is starting to deteriorate or get stale
  • You think your wife is becoming unhappy or losing interest in the relationship
  • You suspect your wife is having an affair or considering one


Who SHOULD NOT USE Mend the Marriage

The program isn’t designed for someone who doesn’t want to work at their marriage. The program does require you to do some work and to have some patience while your wife begins to trust you again

This program also isn’t guaranteed. So if you know that your wife has moved on and she is moving you out then this isn’t a golden ticket to get your wife back no matter what your circumstances


What's Included in the Program

The complete Mend the Marriage Program comes with a 271 page eBook, Audio program, 7 Videos along with worksheets and 3 bonuses

  • Mend the Marriage – The Ultimate Guide to Stopping Divorce & Saving Your Marriage
  • Mend the Marriage – Audio Course
  • Mend the Marriage – Video Series
  • Mend the Marriage – Interactive Team Building Worksheets
  • Mend the Marriage – Bonus #1 – Infidelity Survival Guide
  • Mend the Marriage – Bonus #2 – Children and Divorce
  • Mend the Marriage – Bonus #3 – Money Matters

There are plenty of techniques and tips to help give you the power to save your marriage

All up i think it would take at least a week to go through all the information, have a good grasp of it, fill in the worksheets and have a plan going forward

In this way you could think of the program like a coach's playbook. There are a lot of ‘plays’ that you can run, but you need to decide on which you need to run

Although a 271 page book doesn’t sound that long, the information in the program is very concise. You will want to read and listen to this a couple of times… (I know i did!)


The Mend the Marriage Program (in a nutshell)

From going through the program you can tell that Brad has put effort into making it simple to follow.

The whole Mend the Marriage program revolves around the ‘ABCD system’.

  • Accept the Situation
  • Build Resilience
  • Commit to Change
  • Dedicate Yourself

It’s a simple way to deal with the troubles in your marriage.

From there, there are more specialized sections, techniques and tips that can be used along side that system

For example, there is a whole bonus ebook on money and your marriage. If money is a cause of friction in your marriage (and whose isn’t) you can use the in depth information in the bonus alongside the ‘ABCD System’

There is a lot of information about relationships to help you pinpoint where things need attention. It is a lot to take in, but to cater to everyone who might be going through the program, it is important it’s all included

“The key to success is to understand that a change in the behavior of one of the marriage partners, will have an effect on the relationship”

- Taken from Brad Browning, in Mend the Marriage

I'm No Psychologist, Am I Going to be Able to Understand The Program?”

When I went through the program, I found some of the concepts are a little ‘academic'. But it's important to remember that fixing relationships isn't straight forward. 

Brad has put together this program in a very personal way. It’s relatively easy to understand and follow along (although it may take a few go-thru’s like it did me). Brad does use examples to illustrate the techniques he recommends.  


“How do I get the most out of the program?”

After you purchase the program, it’s best if you navigate to the download -> Videos section and watch the first video which explains what each part of the program is for and when you should read/watch/listen to that information

After you watch the first video, go straight to the program and read and listen to it.

I would encourage you to read through the main eBook at least once first to begin with. It’s written in an easy to understand way, and you can use the audio program to follow along if you like.

Then watch the videos, read the bonus material and start completing the worksheets.

Working Out Marriage Problems on Paper

Working out marriage problems on paper can help you make better decisions

The Pros and Cons

Compared to other similar products I found the Pros and Cons in the Mend the Marriage Program as follows:


Very Comprehensive

Covers a lot of different issues in marriages. Including money issues, marriages with children and infidelity. The program also covers dealing with in-laws, sex & intimacy, affairs, along with a lot of information on how relationships work and what’s needed to make them survive.



Many times cheaper than counselling, and a good price for a product of this value


Can Be Used Alone

Even if your wife doesn’t want to talk about it, won’t go to counselling and is pushing you to give up on your marriage you can still use Mend the Marriage Program. The program is aimed at remedying the marriage problems one person at a time, starting with you.


Easy to Understand and Apply

Stories and examples are used to help explain complex topics and the program is written in a very personable tone. It’s simple to follow and there is plenty to watch, listen to and read to help in your situation.



The ebook and audio part of the system is downloadable so you can read or listen to it on your phone on the go


Lifetime updates

Access to the membership area. When it gets updated, you keep access.


Tried & Tested

Plenty of testimonials from people who have used the system and made their marriages work (scroll down for a couple of product testimonials)



Digital Only

No hard copy available unfortunately, although you can print the written material out if you wish.


Could Be More Detailed

I did have to go over the material a few times to understand it and be able to apply it, but got there in the end.


Some Might Find Concepts Hard to Grasp

It is a little academic, and some people might have a hard time implementing some of the actions in their marriage. But if you do work at it, then i think anyone can get there

Mend the Marriage Front Cover

What’s in the Program?

As stated above there are plenty of tips, techniques and information to help you get your marriage back on track in the program.

But in particular here is what you can expect:

  • How you can use nostalgia to get your partner to recommit to your marriage [pg. 45]
  • What NOT to do if you want to save your marriage [pg. 53]
  • The 5 short phrases that will kill any hope of your marriage being saved [pg. 53]
  • How anyone can stay calm and composed in heated situations [pg. 58]
  • How to avoid causing further damage to your relationship, and start to smooth the way for marriage repair [pg. 58]
  • How to know what to change about yourself that will help save your marriage [pg. 66]
  • The 5 qualities you need to work on to save your marriage [pg. 66]
  • The 5 inner qualities you need to strengthen to help you get through your marriage troubles [pg. 73]
  • The 8 ‘Immediate Impact Actions’ you can use right now to start saving your marriage [Starts pg. 81]
  • How to stay positive while your wife is staying distant [pg. 88]
  • Why it appears that your wife has stopped caring about your marriage [pg. 103]
  • Why misunderstandings in your marriage ARE NOT the root of your conflicts, and what actually is [pg. 104]
  • Why your quest for being understood in your marriage is slowly killing your wife's love for you [pg. 104]
  • Why your wife is frustrated and even withdrawn at your attempts to fix things [P.105]
  • How to stop your marriage from sliding into ‘emotional withdrawal’ [pg. 106]
  • [Explained] How just one person in the marriage can save it from divorce [pg. 111]
  • The single most important thing you can do to save your marriage – let go of trying to win or not lose and find your collective win / win  [pg. 119]
  • 6 things you can do to reconnect with your wife [pg. 126]
  • The List of 6 Big Bond Builders that Will Rekindle the Communication Between You and Your Wife [pg. 133]
  • How to identify how your wife wants you to talk to her [pg. 142]
  • How to assess the parts of your relationship that need to change [pg. 151]
  • How to take a serious look at the good bad and ugly in your relationship – what your wife sees [pg. 151]
  • How to pinpoint the big issues that really matter in your relationship – and skip the small stuff [pg. 164]
  • How to discover what your doing that is turning your wife off your marriage [pg. 185]
  • How to know if you should still be trying to save your marriage [pg. 204]
  • How to manage your anger caused by your marriage problems [pg. 214]
  • The place of sex and intimacy in a rocky marriage [pg. 223]
  • Advice on affairs & Infidelity in your marriage [pg. 233]
  • Advice on how to deal with your children in your marriage [pg. 259]


What Other Husbands Are Saying About Mend the Marriage

Personally I would not trust a program that did not have some testimonials. Here is what a few Mend the Marriage users have to say about it…

“THANK YOU!!!!! not sure if u remember but i emailed you about 3 months ago when i first bough ur program, my wife was about to file for divorce, since then its all been uphill and she just moved back in with me last weekend. since then i cant get the smile off my face lol. thx again brad u rock!”

–José R. (Florida)

“Just writing to say thank you for your amazing and eye opening program. After 6 years of fighting and problems, things are going way smoother now. I credit your book for basically saving my relationship, so thanks a million man. Keep up the good work.”

–Clinton J. (Utica, NY)


If after reading this far you don’t think Mend the Marriage is the right choice for you then here are your options…

Marriage Counselling

However counselling does require both partners to go and want to work towards saving the marriage. It can also add up (up to $150 per 1 hour session)

Other Programs

There are other programs out there. I have compared the best ones against each other. You can see those details here (coming soon)


You could do nothing, although this will almost always lead to marriage break up


Want 1-on-1 support?

The author, Brad Browning offers a 1 on 1 support service for those who want personalized support.

Although I haven’t experienced this myself, I do recommend going through the Mend the Marriage Program first before signing up. This will give you a good understanding of what’s involved in saving a marriage first. There is an easy to follow guide of how to sign up for 1-on-1 coaching support in the members area.


In Summary

Overall, the program is a lot to take in but it does work. It’s quite a comprehensive guide to a complicated topic.

All the tools are there and there is an option for 1 on 1 coaching if you require specialized help for your situation.

Of course, no one can guarantee their marriage being saved by a program like this. But I have no doubt that it will help. And if your marriage is teetering then it could be the little nudge that helps save it

Best of luck in your marriage

 – Randy


P.S – Of course you can use the contact page to contact me if you have any questions about Mend the Marriage