5 Ways How to Fix a Broken Relationship

It Mustn't Be Easy Reading This

Looking at your screen in search of answers

We'll for your efforts I can offer you some good news… Yes, you can fix broken relationships


Even if your relationship has these symptoms:

  • Your snapping at each other
  • One or both of you are starting to lose interest
  • You both feel as if the relationship is like a job, and no one is having fun
  • You feel like your being taken for granted
  • You don't get the respect that you used to from your wife/girlfriend


The bad news is not all broken relationships can be fixed

First things first, lets figure out if your relationship is fixable


Is Your Relationship Fixable?

Because there are some situations where you can't fix your broken relationship…

Sometimes you grow as a person outside of your relationship

You progress in your life and your partner is still where they are

It's a life decision and by the time it comes to ‘breaking up' the wheels have been in motion for months, even years

If this is true for you, if you or your wife has become ‘someone else', a different version than when you met and got married

Then unfortunately it's time to end it

It is sad, but these relationships are going to break up, if not now in the near future.

In this case, it is easier to do it clean, although the popular was seems to be to have it drag on.


A Quick Thought on Relationships

Society thinks that relationships need to last forever

After all marriage is death till us part…

But these days it is more correct to say ‘until death till us part, or I am no longer happy'

No one wants to be in a relationship where they are not happy

And unhappiness and pressure break relationships…


If your relationship falls into this category, and you think the happiness has dissipated from your marriage, then i'm here to tell you that you can get it back


How to Get Her Back (and Fix Your Relationship)

1 – Build a New Strong Relationship

Firstly, think about it as building a new stronger new relationship rather than trying to fix the old one

Were not trying to bring the past back because it's hard to compare with memories

It's easy to remember the good times as apart from the indifferent times

And out memories can be selective and cloud our judgement


2 – Remember, Your 50% of the Relationship

In building our new relationship with our wife/girlfriend, it's important to remember that a couple is really two independent people who have come together

A couple is really two separate people with different wants, needs etc. which the relationship provides

So for a couple to survive and thrive they need to have strong independent parties

Giving what the other one needs

When a relationship breaks down it can be because one or both parties have forgotten this

That they play an important role in the scope of their marriage, because their marriage needs this

Especially for men, women can test us and our sense of who we are, and what we are about

And soon enough we forget about being men and the relationship suffers because it is short of those qualities


3 – What She NEEDS From You

So now is the time to put yourself first and make yourself strong again


Play your role as a man

She needs you to be someone she can believe in and can count on

In other words you need to be dependable and strong to her

You can read more here here and here


4 – Make Her Feel Great

She also wants the right type of attention:

Attention that makes her feel great

This can only be given to her by a man who makes her feel secure, and who she trusts and who she wants to trust


5 – How to Keep Her Happy

A cause of many broken relationships is having too much outside pressure in a marriage

The main causes come from people such as family and friends, money, jobs, and living conditions

As men we need a break from these things and so do women

She requires you to take some of this pressure and give her some breathing room

Giving her a space (mental and can also be physical), where she doesn't always have things she needs to do

A break from the front line of life

A place where she can feel secure and relaxed

Some people call this ‘holding space' and it is a very important part of a relationship

It lets her stop reacting to this which can overwhelm her, and start initiating what she wants

You can find more about holding space here


Where to Go From Here

Your broken relationship may has probably snuck up on you

Day to day life, earning money and playing the providing role keeps any man very busy

These pursuits can cause you to feel as if the relationship breakdown is all your fault

This is untrue, and this type of burden is not helpful for you to solve you relationship issues


When some men discover that they are in a broken relationship they keep doing the same thing…

Which only makes things worse

And left too long it can result in your wife or girlfriend finding another man



The truth is you have been trying to do your best for your relationship in your own way

Like a boat that has drifted off course can easily correct once it knows where it's going

It just needs to know where to correct to

How to fix a broken relationship - lost boat

If your not sure what to do next, it will help to get some advice from someone who has been in the situation before


To help below is a link to someone that can show you how to start building that new stronger relationship with your partner

You can see the many case studies from guys who thought their relationships were over

And now are back with their partners, stronger than ever

Start Fixing Your Relationship

Just a quick note before you watch the short video:

It is designed for guys who have broken up from their wives, but it will work for you if you want to start building a strong new relationship with your partner again

Start Fixing Your Relationship

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