3 Secrets Thrown-Out Husbands Use to Get Their Wives Back

The happy, joy-filled moments of anticipation when you first met and got married​ seem like distant memories...

Now the days are filled with every day stresses that seemed to drive a wedge deeper and deeper between you and your wife

So how do you get back to those happier times and bring your wife back into your arms?

1. If Your Text Game is Good Then Use Text Messages to Initiate Contact Again​

It's easy not to read a letter, to avoid a phone call or not show up to a meeting place. But if there is a text message on your phone it is pretty much unmissable.

Using text messages to contact guarantees what you say will be seen by her

2. If it Was a Messy Break, it's Almost Always Best to Hold Off for a Few Weeks Before Initiating Contact

If you think there is a good chance you will get back with your wife, here are some easy texts that will help you test the water

The 3 texts which follow all explain the secrets to getting your wife back:

Text 1 - "Hi, lets talk sometime."

This message is not aggressive and opens a conversation where both parties feel equal. It also helps you set the tone for the conversation.

3. Let Your Wife Know You Still Think About Her and She is Still Important to You... Without Being Clingy

Don't go asking for a date the first time you initiate contact. All you want at this stage is to re-establish the lines of communication. Asking to talk  doesn't sound needy and show that you are ready to listen (if that is an issue in your marriage)

Text 2 - " I want to know how your going"

By making the conversation focused on your wife, she will feel that you still care about her.

It's very important when you are re-initiating contact, not to put her on the defensive

Getting Back Together is Not About Blame

Focus on the positives and you will be much more likely to get her back.

A light sprinkling of "I miss you" or " I miss what we had" remind your wife that she is still important to you. These  statements (and ones like them) help heal the pain that your wife feels in the relationship.

Text 3 - "Hey, what's up?"

Texting this may seem simple but it could be the most important thing you say to get your ex back. Again it goes to you listening to your wife....

"Anything that Gets Your Wife Talking Again is a Good Thing"

It will help reignite the feelings that you shared when you first met

By talking (yes even over text) you will up the chance you will get her back. The best part of texting is you get to set your own pace

Healing a marriage takes some time, and you are the best person to know how long it will take. There's no rush when it comes to rebuilding trust.

But after sending these texts to your wife what do you do?

Do You Want to Know Word-for-Word What to Text to Initiate and Keep Contact With Your Wife?

Although it feels lonely going through a split...

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