My Revive Her Drive Review –

Who Should and Should NOT Use the Program

After having the program for 3 months, I wrote this honest revive her drive review. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: First of all, because i know there’s plenty of ‘Revive Her Drive review sites' that are full of bogus reviews I want you to know that I have the Revive Her Drive program. And I've listened to it, and read the ebooks.

Revive Her Drive Review Program on Computer

Disclaimer 2: I also want you to know that the reason why I am writing this honest review is to try and dissuade anyone who shouldn't buy Revive Her Drive from going any further.

But if you do decide it's for you, after reading this review then please use the buttons, that’s what they are for.  IT DOESN'T COST YOU ANYTHING! I will receive some money from the product owner which comes out of her pocket, not yours.

The program is priced at $97. There are no other discounts available anywhere online (although they are advertised, they are scams) you can’t get the program cheaper. It costs you the same anyway you go


Anyhow! Now with that out of the way lets get down to the review…

Let's first address who SHOULD NOT buy the Revive Her Drive program – so we don't waste anyone's time


Who SHOULD NOT Buy The Program (4 Reasons)

1. Single Men & men who aren't in a marriage/long term relationship. This program is designed for married men, and men in long term relationships. That's what it talks about and helps. If you'd rather be the Fonz than Tim ‘the tool man' Taylor, then this program is not for you.

2. Guys who aren't willing to change how they act in their marriage. Now be honest. If you feel like you do everything, but your wife doesn’t and you want her to do all the changing. Then you have other issues and this problem can’t help you.

3. Guys who Are you looking for a quick fix, band-aid solution. Yes Revive Her Drive does work quickly for some people. However, If your looking for that one secret that you can use, or the magic wand to get instant results from any marriage situation then RHD isn’t going to do it. Don’t waste your time or money, go and have a beer instead.

(In fact there is a testimonial below about a guy who has been using the teachings of the RHD program for longer than most people would. It does work, it just takes time and consistent effort)

4. Guys who have some resentment for their wife, and women in general. This sounds funny but there’ s no other way to put this. Some guys have a build up of resentment that generally comes from a backlog of being rejected for a long time. They think that women control the sex in a relationship and they are always looking at ways to put them in their place. If you feel like you  need to get one up on your wife, then this is not for you. In fact the author of the program says a few times in the interview that those men need to deal with that first. Don't hate me, I'm just saving you the $97


Ok so that is who should not buy the program, let's have a look at Who Should buy it


Who the Revive Her Drive Program is Designed For?

My brothers got a friend named Andrew (not his real name). Andrew gets ripped on quite a bit… Why? Because Andrews wife controls the sex in his marriage… and my brother and his mates think Andrew is less of a man because of it

In fact they joke about it when he's not around all the time.. He earned the nickname ‘Quarters' (they reckon he has sex about 4 times per year) and saying stuff like ‘I heard he actually got some on the weekend… his wife must have come home drunk.'

Now Andrew doesn’t just cop it for that, because he has a hard time getting it at home, he looks elsewhere, sometimes hooking up on work trips and other trips away

But here’s the real twist. The women that he meets and tries so hard to sleep with, are plain ugly. And they are just not the type of women that any guy would choose under normal circumstances…

Front tooth missing, seriously overweight, semi-masculine, crazy in a bad way type of women. Not good women, but bad

So when I thought about who needs this program most, I thought of Andrew

Why Andrew? Because Andrew;

  • Doesn't know how to approach the issue with his wife, he Lacks confidence
  • Thinks that his wife doesn't even want sex
  • Thinks about sex a lot more than he is actually having it
  • Is doing things he otherwise wouldn't due to his intimacy issue with his wife

There's no doubt about it, Andrew really needs a copy of RHD. And the good news for him is that the program has been put together especially for guys in his situation

The information in the program will go along way to helping Andrew fix his relationship with his wife and get them both having the best sex of their lives

And if your in a situation like Andrew, and your wife doesn’t like to talk about ‘it' let alone do ‘it', then the revive her drive program shows you how to get your wife turned on, without her even knowing. So no need to muster up the courage to have an argument over a subject that you know your wife doesn’t want to talk about

You can apply what you learn in the course, and can reasonably expect to see results within a month. Some do report seeing results that weekend, but some also have extraordinary circumstances and need to be more patient. (there’s an example at the bottom of this page)


Anyhow lets get down to the nitty gritty for all of you value chasers:


The Revive Her Drive Review - Product ImageHere’s What You Get

The Revive Her Drive program contains:

  1. Twelve 45-60 minute long audio interviews with not just experts, but leaders in the relationship space with over 100 years of combined experience. You get their best information, tips and techniques especially for men who want more sex and physical intimacy in their marriage – The experts are:
    1. Dr Patti Taylor – 20 years studying and teaching others on all matters sex
    2. David Van Arrick – started dating coaching in 1995. He is now a specialist in the field of Advanced Sexuality, Sexual Skills, Relationships and Communication.
    3. Karen Brody – Love & Intimacy Expert for 14 years with a focus on men in relationships
    4. Alex Allman – 20+ years in teaching couples how to have great sex
    5. Adam Gilad – Author, specializing in learning the “language” of the other gender
    6. David Shade – Since 2001 David has gone outside the boundaries of conventional wisdom to find what REALLY gives women incredible pleasure.
    7. Carlos Xuma – Specialises in making men make themselves more attractive to the other sex. The type of men that automatically draw women to them
    8. Christian Hudson Spent years teaching thousands of men how to interact with women
    9. Tallulah Sulis The pre-eminent expert on female liquid orgasms/ejaculation
    10. Sheri Winston – For 10 years has been a celebrated sexuality teacher, with a focus on female sexuality. She is also an award-winning author and is qualified as a nurse
    11. Destin Gerek – A sought after sexuality and transformational life coach, speaker, and educator on all aspects of sex, and a protégé of world-renowned sexologist Joseph Kramer
    12. John Alanis Known as the ‘king of let ‘em come to you’, John is a renegade who spent 10 years learning about women and relationships and now teaches others from his experience
  2. The ‘relationship values’ step-by-step worksheet – if you choose to bring up your lack of intimacy with your wife, this worksheet who's you play by play how to introduce the subject with your wife without her getting angry, mad or shut you out
  3. An audio lesson on the 21 deadly mistakes guys in relationships make – These mistakes derail her sex drive so knowing what they are, if you are doing them and how to avoid them is very important to any future sex you’d like to have – (you can get that free here)
  4. A specific guide-book on how to overcome her resistance in the bedroom – Start breaking through her barriers and get to the real reasons why she’s lost her libido
  5. A quickfire report on how to get her to trust you enough to surrender to you, and let you give her the orgasms she may not even think she craves
  6. A report on how to know if her sex drive is even repairable – and how you should handle your particular situation
  7. A introductory guide to the ‘4 elements of revival’ which breaks down the parts of the relationship she needs to be in order to want to be that sexual little nympho that you first met and dated
  8. A sex and biology for beginners guide called ‘what the caveman knew’ – All about triggering her primal urges for lust and sex.
  9. A introductory workbook – That shows you the best way to use the program specifically for your situation
  10. There are also 4 bonuses that come with the product

As you can see there is over 10 hours of audio + written material for your money, and it's all tailored for men who have had the sex dry up,in their marriage and want it back


A testimonial from Will – Another customer who has seen his marriage improve in leaps and bounds since getting the revive her drive system

So as opposed to buying a book on the subject or going to see a marriage counselor, how does RHD compare?

(the good, the bad and the ugly)


How Does This Program Compare With ‘Other Solutions:'

The Good:

No trawling through irrelevant information

THE PROGRAM IS TARGETED towards the needs of husbands in sexless marriages and what men can do about it. It’s specific to solving your physical needs, and it’s all relevant, so that means that you don’t waste your time doing something that doesn’t work. The techniques are proven to work by many men, that’s why the program is so successful, and is charged at $97. Unlike Amazon ebooks that sell for $17 and don’t do shit for anyone.


It's easy and fun to listen to and read

THE MAJORITY OF THE COURSE IS AUDIO  interviews with the 12 relationship experts, which are easy to stick in your car and listen to on your commute or daily run. It also makes it easy to re-listen, so you can get the most out of the info.


Revive her drive review

Susan Bratton authors RHD and interviews the experts in the program. She is an expert on marriage and relationship issues in her own right

You don’t need to convince your wife

IF YOU'RE HAVING TROUBLE COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR WIFE about the lack of physical intimacy in your marriage then this program offers a way to get your sex life back, without forcing your wife to ‘have a sit down’ (unlike couples therapy and many relationship books require you to do)


The Bad: (And reasons not to buy)

It’s a bit ‘spiritual’

I'M NOT REALLY A SPIRITUAL GUY and it makes the program a little harder to follow. Susan and the experts do introduce you to more spiritual topics. You don’t really need to know about this stuff to use the program (Susan does explain the terms and their definitions) but if you do decide to get the program, be forewarned


Revive Her Drive also puts it all on you

IT'S ON YOU IF IT WORKS or not, and the success of the program depends on you taking action. It gives you the power in a good and a bad way.

This can be hard to swallow if you're a guy who is copping constant rejection from your wife, and you're just tired/fed up with it. – If you're not willing to put in some work to help your sex life, i’d suggest stay away from this program


The Ugly:

There’s one condition

If you have never had a great sex life with your wife… then the Revive Her Drive program can’t help you.

It’s about the only condition to getting your sex life back, is that you had to have had one in the first place. If you find yourself in this situation, you will want to go and see a counselor.

View The Revive Her Drive Presentation


Before you go ahead and watch the video presentation…

Earlier I talked about a testimonial from a guy who got the program to work after being in difficult situation. Now there are plenty of testimonials that say the same sorts of things, however this is one that really jumped out at me. I think you’ll see why when you read it.


“…My wife is clinically depressed, and is still on antidepressants. I started this turnaround process two years ago and just this year have really started to see the results I've wanted/needed.

Today, we have sex as often as I can handle and she would like it a little more than that. And when we do, she's all over me like a wild animal.

So I'm living proof that at least in some cases, a man can turn around and have a satisfying marriage with a woman who is clinically depressed…” – David O

Here’s a man who has got his relationship back together even after his wife was diagnosed with clinical depression…

David even offers some advice for others going through the situation

“What worked for me was:

  1. a) Learning to manage my wife's mind.

  2. b) Learning to be my own man and inviting my wife to join me”

If you want to learn more, about how David got his wife to open up and now invite him sexually, you can view the same presentation that David did

View The Revive Her Drive Presentation

It’s the plan that David and 1000's of other loyal husbands have used to help guide them through the sticking points of their marriages, and if you have read this far, and haven't been excluded by the disclaimers, then it will help you get the physical intimacy in your marriage that you want too


Click here to see the program


Thanks for reading my revive her drive review, and I hope it has helped you decide if the product is for you.

If you have any questions, comments or criticisms regarding my use of the product or this post, then please use the contact page