How to Turn Your Wife On – Simple Advice for Confused Husbands

The Simple 3 Step Guide For Guys Confused by a lot of New Age B.S.

If your trying to give your wife those primal, clothes tearing, nowhere in the house is safe type urges and what your currently doing is not working, then it's time for a rethink.

STOP washing the dishes!

STOP buying her flowers!

STOP complying with her demands!

how to turn your wife on - not sexy

This is not sexy for anyone – Why? Keep reading…

What are the Facts?

The first thing that needs to be addressed is that there is a rather loose fact going around the internet that says housework gets women turned on when men do it.

It's not true (study synopsis available here), you can wash as many dishes as you want and it's not going to do anything to your wife's desire for you.

Just the fact that this myth has been perpetuated all over the internet makes me think that some guys believe that by acting like women (as in doing what women traditionally do), it will turn them on.

This is not the case, opposites attract. She wants to have sex with a man not a dishwasher.

This fact is harped on a lot by people who believe in all this new age stuff.

It doesn't form any sort of attraction from women… I'm sorry.

But if following the new age trends doesn't work, then what should you do?

Good question


How to Turn Your Wife On – 3 Steps to Success

1. Less is More

This is a fundamental way of thinking for men, period.

If your doing a lot to get sex, then try holding back a bit.

Sex is all about power, and men with power don't race around doing relatively small things for sex

In fact they accomplish more but do less

i.e. buying a dishwasher as opposed to doing the dishes every night or build a house instead of clean it


2. Learn to be a Better Man

The second is where most men fall down.

There is some scientific evidence to suggest that women have decided if they are going to orgasm before they have sex with you.

That is they have decided while you were doing other stuff, most notably being yourself.

So it stands to reason, that being a better man is going to help turn your wife on.

This covers all types of stuff like knowing what you want and what you don't, taking what you want, having a passion and desire etc.

This also requires some education, of which the internet is littered but let me boil it down for you

The Revive Her Drive program authored by Susan Bratton is a great place to start learning about how to turn your wife on and make her the one who is craving sex in your relationship. I recommend it, my review of it is here.

How-to-turn-your-wife-on-Way-of-the-superior-manThe other recommended reading is a book called ‘Way of the Superior Man' by David Deida. Be forewarned it's a little ‘spiritual' but it's a great book and if you haven't read it then go grab yourself a copy from Amazon here.


3. Learn What Works and What Doesn't…

If your having a hard time to please your wife between the sheets then it's an easy fix, there are plenty of books available and also programs available that will walk you through step by step.

It seems very weird to me, but women generally don't really know their bodies that well and what is pleasurable and what isn't.

We as men tend to be better at knowing the mechanics of that stuff than women do.

This is a great coup for us because we can show our prowess and that really gets women going.

So if you have never done any learning about what goes where with a woman's private area, then get yourself some help. And not porn help actual sexual health education help.



These three simple yet extremely effective pointers will start you out in the right direction. There is some great material here if you want to turn your wife into a naughty vixen whose desires can only be barely quenched. But practicing what is on this page will have your wife taking more notice of you.



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