How to Stop PE – 3 Quick & Easy Ways to Stop PE

It was amazing to me how much SEX is important to women…

Thinking back of had a few women break up with me because I was bad at sex.

I think it was because I had the wrong attitude, I thought sex and relationships and women were about me. Maybe a way to keep score, to show others that I was successful or something like that.

The truth is that relationships and sex are ALL ABOUT HER.

And that she doesn't really care that much about you, she just cares about what you give her.

Ok, its time for A BIG STATEMENT so get your pencils ready…


A relationship is more like a job than like fun…


How to stop PE

Treat her well by being a man, and she will treat you well.

So what's the difference between a job and fun?

Fun is when you do what you want. When you get treated and the focus is on you. The process is more important than the outcome. (my definition)

A job is when you're there for a reason, you have a purpose and you play a role. Here the outcome is more important than the process.

Of course, you can have a fun job, and that's the happy medium where you want to be, but it's important to focus on playing your role and work towards an outcome than trying to have fun.


THIS IS SO IMPORTANT, in your relationship as well as sex.

It's important when it comes to your sex life because it hits home how you should treat sex and think about it.

IT'S NOT ABOUT FUN FOR YOU. It's about fun for her. That's the goat, that's the outcome that you are trying to achieve.

Because once you please her, everything else is easy. She will get less moody and be more satisfied.


Yes all she really wants you for is an orgasm


THINK IM CRAZY? It's not just me. There is a great book entitled ‘Way of the Superior Man‘ by David Deida which talks about withholding yourself during sex.

Thinking about sex likes this puts you in the mind of, her first. Which is where you should be.


The 3 Quick and Easy How to stop PE Techniques

Ok, so I know you want some actionable techniques you can use to help with premature ejaculation. Here is how I overcame my problem


1. Talk Dirty

If you're not talking during sex then this is where you should start. I'm no scientist but I find when I'm talking dirty my focus goes from me to her. It doesn't matter so much what you say but that you say something.

Here's a few to get you started. You may want to start a little tame if you haven't done it before, then get dirtier.

Do you like x?

That feels really good

You've been waiting for this all day/night

You've been staring at me all day, haven't you? etc.


2. Breathe out more

Focus on breathing out. Again I don't know what it is but keep breathing out.


3. Try somewhere else

Change your location. You can introduce this to her as something to spice things up, if she loves you I don't see why she wouldn't want to.

I found when it was cold, or I was uncomfortable it was easier for me to hold back.


What Now?

Thanks for reading my article on how to stop PE. These techniques should be enough to get you through your next encounter. If you want to totally conquer your premature ejaculation then here is more information. The website has many more ideas and techniques to help you master this part of your marriage.

Best of luck in your relationships.