How to Seduce Your Wife & Have Her Initiate Sex More

3 ways to get her hot and heavy that you can start tonight

Disclaimer – This isn’t the Disney school of romance, this is what she really wants and will get her hot… Im just letting you know so you can be prepared because you probably haven’t heard this stuff before and it may not be what you think your going to hear

How to seduce your wife

Before the practical tips you can use tonight, I just want to tell you something to get you in the right shape of mind

Ready, because it is going to change the way you think about sex…?

As a man, part of the enjoyment we feel falls under relief, another part falls under watching the woman we are with be happy and enjoy the experience

But for a woman, sex is all about her.

If she has met a man who can meet her needs and who she can really let go she is in heaven

Women can have 4 types of orgasms vs a man who generally just wants one

And in a competition of who is the loudest, women will always win. Why? The pleasure level for them is a lot greater

Why am I telling you all this…?


Because women are the ones who should want sex from you more often, not the other way around


If you are finding your wife hard to seduce/hard to get into bed, then your going about it the wrong way

The good news is that when you start seducing your wife well, and giving her that story that she wants and craves around going to bed with you then she will start playing along and seducing you


The best way to seduce your wife

The best way to seduce your wife is to broaden your foreplay skills

(Foreplay as in the time before sex where you are getting yourselves interested in sex)

I tend to call it foreplay rather than seduction because foreplay is apart of sex, and seduction doesn’t necessarily even invovle sex

Foreplay isn’t a new concept I know that you have heard it 500 times, but lets learn how you can use it to get her in the mood from a time where she may not be


What she wants in foreplay

Lets start with what she wants first, so you can give it to her and reap the rewards…

  1. Last more than 1 minute – ideally it should last for a few hours
  2. It is special and involves just you two
  3. It gets her excited at the anticipation of what will happen


1. How to make foreplay last for more than 2 minutes

This isn’t the forum to go through every detail so here is the easiest one

Text messages

Send her a text at work

Say something like ‘Hey babe/honey/gorgeous – other pet name’ just thinking about you’

Then follow up with something a bit more to the point

‘What are you wearing?’


‘remember the time we had at _, I was thinking about that today’

No need to make it to vivid and x rated here, you want it a bit fuzzy so she can fill in the details. If you know what turns her on even better here. Use it to your advantage…

‘I stumbled upon one of those books you have been reading, I didn’t realize how naughty they are?’

Something like this is great because you can then go through and send some quotes which will do all the work for you


2. Your Own Little World

You want you and her to have your own little world, with no one else in it just the two of you

Many (if not all) of women's romance books are written from the view of a woman or are about a woman and her little world which involves a man

If you have pet names for each other then you are on your way

If you have had memories of great times before then you are on your way


3. Sell the sizzle

Think about it like a story. The start to the middle of the book that builds up the ending. The part where you get to know the characters and get emotionally invested

She needs to get emotionally invested to have great sex – which is what we as husbands want for our wives

If you have any agreements about sex like ‘Wednesday night is sex night’ then you are on your way

NOTE – if you do have an allocated sex night, then don’t try to go from one to two nights without making that night amazing for her. Really, she should be the one that takes it from one to two nights a week


What you need to always remember when learning how to seduce your wife

The first and only real rule of seducing your wife club is to watch her and make sure she is enjoying herself

‘If mama ain’t happy, ain't nobody happy’

I don’t know about the other aspects of your life, but for this one its completely 100% true. Keep her happy.

If you can create a great experience for her, she will want more – leaving you as a man in demand… and who doesn’t want that


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