How to Make Passionate Love to Your Wife or Long Term Partner

3 Simple Techniques to Bring Out Her Unsatiable Nympho

Because there are 50 online guides to making passionate love, I thought i'd make this one a little different

Because the truth is that guys want to be experts in bed, and think that's where the passion is created… but passion is not really about having a bigger dick or lasting all night

It's about the relationship you have, and the tension drama and just the relationship building up over time

How to Make Passionate Love to Your Wife

Want to know how to see your wife more like this? The answer is below

That's what is passionate to her

If you have read this blog before you know that I often repeat myself.

Many guys focus on the physical, they want to work out to have a better body, they are always trying to learn different techniques, and they like to impress with material possessions.

These things are great but they don't inspire passion in women.

Physical stuff works for women because men like beautiful bodies, but being beautiful isn't necessarily going to inspire passion with your wife.

So what is going to make your wife so passionate during your love making that she can't control herself anymore…

and what is going to make her so passionate that she does things she otherwise would definitely not do…?



If you have ever read a romance novel or been to see any drama type movie aimed at women this is what it's all about

The drama, the tension and the release of that tension

Some guys think being nice and making everything easy for her is going to equal happy marriage… but it doesn't

You can do all the dishes in the house 2 times over but it wont make her libido tip the scale at all because there is no drama and conflict there

So you want to know my amateur account of creating drama and how I do it in my marriage?


How to Make Passionate Love to Your Wife – Again and Again and Again

For those familiar with this site it's going to be no surprise that I tell you that women have really decided if they are going to orgasm before they have sex with you

You just really have to last long enough (typically 8 minutes)

So if you want to make passionate love to your wife then you need to be building up to it before hand

And not stuff like doing all the housework and opening doors for her… Because truth is that isn't what she will respond to. (They can work but only in certain situations)

how to make passionate love to your wife

It's mostly visual what a man wants, but women really want a story


3 Simple Solutions to Introduce Passion Through Drama

1 – Saying No Builds Tension

What I like to do is say my favorite word semi-frequently to start the drama…



It lets her know that she isn't going to always get her way and gives her boundaries, which everyone needs

Now for the disclaimer, it's the spice not the main meal. So it might be your favorite word but don't make it your most used word

And saying no usually comes at some kind of short term loss

To be safe, you can say no to stuff that is small.. i.e.

Your wife: ‘Do you want me to cook tonight or get take away?'

You: ‘No, I want xyz'


2 – Do Something She Would Have Done Anyway

Another example is doing something that she would have done anyway

i.e. ringing up the insurance place to get a quote or grabbing some bread on the way home etc.

NOTE – this is as close to ‘new age' as we get here at AHA

Because now she's planned to do that, and when she comes across and sees that it's done all of a sudden she has 5 minutes up her sleeve

It's a good idea to do this randomly and not too often. The benefits are:

  1. It lets her know that your listening to what she's doing
  2. It shows her that your happy to spare a bit of your time for time with her



3 – Letting Her Know She Isn't Perfect

This one is tough, and it's kind of advanced so if your not confident… don't do it

My wife likes to leave her cups and dishes around the kitchen, but not put them in the dishwasher

So when I see that she is obviously finished with something (the more obvious the better) I ask her if she's done with it before I put it in the dishwasher

It's a gentle (Gentle being the key word here) way of letting her know that she doesn't do everything and that she's not perfect and your not the slack one who should always take all the blame

The theory here is that if blame is a one way street (she is blaming you 100% of the time) then there isn't really any drama in her mind.

But if she's wrong sometimes, and your wrong sometimes then all of a sudden there's an interest in this (for lack of a better word) ‘game'.

Sounds childish, but so are the dramas on television and romance novels generally…


Want More Ways to Create Passion in Your Marriage?

I know these tips aren't what you were expecting to see, however passion in a marriage generally ebbs and flows.

And to have passion she needs drama. It's more important than your technique or what you do in between the sheets to be honest

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