9 Ways How to Stay Hard Longer & Make Your Dick More Dependable

How to stay hard longer and make your dick more dependable - woman lying on bed

THERE IS A SCIENCE to not only being able to achieve a solid erection but also to why your penis softens almost immediately after an orgasm. At the same time, there are different things you can do to help you get the erection you want both before, during, and after ejaculation.

But do you use pills, injections, suppositories, creams, there are so many different products on the market how do you know which of them will help you perform better in bed?

How Your Penis Works

To look at the different penis performance enhancement products the market, it's essential that you have a basic understanding of how why your penis becomes erect why it becomes soft after you cum, and what if anything you can do about it.

During the arousal phase your body release chemicals that cause the smooth muscles to relax and allow your veins to swell, carrying more blood to your penis while at the same time closing off the flow of blood from your, causing your erection.

Following climax, your body produces increased levels of prolactin, which is what causes the constricted vein to expand allowing the excess blood to return to your system and your erection to disappear.

There are many products on the market, both natural and pharmaceutical that all claim to be able to help you gain a firm erection that will last. Some are more effective than others; some may not work at all for everyone.

9 Ways to keep your dick stronger for longer

1. Watching Porn – How it can affect your erection

We have become a culture in which watching porn has become quite the norm and is no longer something that is limited mostly to pimply teenage boys.

Porn has become mainstream and has seriously affected the way we see sex.

What you may not realize is that watching porn can set you up subconsciously for failure.

Some believe that by watching porn, your brain subconsciously supplants what you have seen over the reality of your daily sex life, resulting in issues with getting and maintaining an erection.

Although you may think that you are somehow desensitizing yourself to naked women by watching porn, you are actually training yourself to come faster. By routinely coming when you see naked women (when they aren't even actually around), and doing it on a regular basis, you are affecting the duration you can hold an erection.

2. Your Diet and Your Erection

If you are not eating a healthy diet, nothing is going to work correctly including your penis. If you want a natural firm erection, one of the first steps you need to take, is to start eating a better diet.

One that is rich in whole grains, fiber, fresh fruits, and veggies be sure you eat a low fat/low sodium diet.  In order for your penis to get the blood it needs to become erect, you need good blood flow throughout your entire body.

3. Exercise Play a Large Role

The more physically active you are, the more testosterone your body will produce, which in turn leads to higher states of arousal and of course stronger erections.

Along with jogging or running and working out in the gym, you can practice doing Kegel exercises.

These are nothing more than squeezing the same muscles; you squeeze to stop peeing. Daily reps of Kegels will help restore the health of the veins leading into your penis.

4. Keep the ATF Away from Your Erection

Okay so that might sound a little odd, but medical research has found that consumption of both alcohol and tobacco have a much higher incidence of impotence (and yes this does include not being able to maintain a hard-on).

Cutting back on the booze and completely eliminating smoking will help restore your overall health and your erection.

How to stay hard longer - blue pills on table

5. Pharmaceuticals in Pill and Tablet Form

This would include avanafil (Stendra), sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Staxyn), all of which are very commonly prescribed by the millions every day for erectile dysfunction.

However, all of these medications (drugs) are known to have major side effects some of which can be very serious, including “Blue Vision” in which everything you look at turns blue, blurred vision, and of course the big one, “priapism” a condition in which you still have an erection after four hours.

Sound like a dream? Not so much an erection lasting this long can cause serious and permanent damage to your penis and require drugs or surgery to relieve.

However, these are one of the only ways for men to remain hard after orgasm simply by the way they work in your body, which is also why priapism is such a common side effect.

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ProErect XL is designed to help boost nitric oxide levels and blood flow helping to boost performance and stamina. Proper use of ProErect XL may also result in an increase in overall size that is sure to please the ladies! Get yours here.

Pros Cons
All-natural ingredients Requires daily use for maximum effectiveness
Improves size, performance, and stamina Cannot be used with several medications
Improves blood flow Expensive

6. Stay Hard Creams

One of the more common reasons men ejaculate too soon is that the nerves in your penis become overstimulated.

Many of the “Stay Hard” creams on the market contain lanolin as the creamy part of the mixture and benzocaine, which is a local topical anaesthetic.

Benzocaine is the same pain reliever you can buy over the counter for many uses, including a toothache. It works by “numbing” the outside of your penis.

In doing so, it takes longer for you to reach the point of climax and ejaculation. Meanwhile, the lanolin helps keep your skin moist and healthy.

Doc Johnson Power Plus Delay Cream for Men

Decreased sensitivity for extended lovemaking

Doc Johnson Power Plus comes in a 2-ounce tube. The cream contains 7.5% benzocaine to help desensitize your penis. The cream is marketed to prevent premature ejaculation and is odorless and tasteless.

For best results, you should apply to your genitals approximately 10 minutes before engaging in intercourse. You get to set the delay based on how much you apply and practising control. Get yours here.

Pros Cons
You get to set the level of sensitivity Ten-minutes between application and sex
Odorless Not really for the one-night stand more for couples
Tasteless Results vary significantly

7. Stay Hard Sprays

There are many “Stay Hard” sprays on the market, most claim that you can “F**k all-night or “Keep it up for hours!” and more. All of which are pretty bold statements for a product that feels like being sprayed with liquid ice.

But, here's the rub, these sprays are similar to the creams in that they contain a topical anaesthetic. Thus, the same mechanism of operation is at play.

First, you need to have an erection, then you spray it with the product, allow it to dry, and you have exactly what you wanted; an erection will last longer.

Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray for MenClinicaly proven to help you last longer

Promescent is a topical spray containing lidocaine spray that is designed to be applied approximately 10 minutes before you engage in intercourse.

The lidocaine helps to desensitize your penis, thereby improving longevity and enhancing overall performance. The spray works under the skin to numb the nerves but will not transfer to your partner. You get to control the amount of sensitivity by how much spray you use. Get yours here.

Pros Cons
Easy to apply Small container for the high price
Won't transfer to your partner Unpleasant smell
A maximum amount of lidocaine May affect your ability to get an erection

8. Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements have become another popular option for maintaining an erection without pills. You can buy these over the counter without the need for a prescription.

Their effectiveness varies from one man to the next. However, they are not designed to be an alternative to prescription medications, but more as a health supplement.

Most are designed to replace a chemical or substance that your body is lacking in such as Folic Acid (B12), Niacin (B3), and so forth.

While they may not be directly responsible for your erection, they do help to restore your body's overall health, which in turn leads to better blood flow and yes, you guessed it stronger erections that last longer with a shorter recovery period.

All-Natural LONGJACK 745mg

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LONG JACK is made for an extract of the Eurycoma longifolia plant and has been used for centuries as a natural male performance enhancement supplement. In fact, it is still used throughout Southeast Asia.

LONG JACK contains Tongkat Ali, Tribulus, Ginseng, and Maca. All supplements that are known to be good for your overall health. So even if you don't gain the benefits you are after, this supplement may help you and is safe to take in small doses. Get yours here.

Pros Cons
All-natural ingredients Also marketed as a muscle gainer
May help boost testosterone May cause weight loss
Tongkat Ali has been found to improve fertility Excessive use may lead to heavy metal poisoning

9. Exercises

Beyond creams, sprays, supplements, and pharmaceuticals, there are plenty of male enhancement products on the market including exercise guides that may help.

For those who are considering exercise as an option, you should be aware they do not guarantee overnight success; you will have to “work” at them.

While all of the different products have a lot to offer, they all require you to swallow or apply something. This means you need to plan your sexual activities (with the exception of ProErect XL) ahead of time. There are other options, including exercises that can provide you with permanent results if you follow them step by step.

The Penis Enlargement Bible

A step by step guide to natural growth and performance enhancement

The Penis Enlargement Bible is an electronic download available in .pdf format. The methods described in this book cover topics such as which nutrients you need to increase the levels of in your body along with a series of stretching exercises designed to stimulate growth and enhance performance. Take a closer look here.

Pros Cons
Detailed coverage of supplements that work Some of the supplements listed have serious side effects
Stretching exercises are easy to follow Taking more supplements may turn people off
A detailed section on Chinese herbs You have to follow the steps precisely for any noticeable results

The Final Shot

The best place to start is by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Good advice, although quite a cliche.

The next is choosing a product that works for you. Remember what might work for one guy might not work for another. You might even need to go through a few to find what you are after.

I hope the information provided in this how to stay hard longer guide helps you.