My Wife Wants Divorce, What Happens Next? Your Questions Answered

Being asked for a divorce is a personal and emotional for any man


It is very hard not to feel gutted, and depressed when your wife first tells you. These feelings have broken many men.

Although it may not feel like it at the time, these feelings do settle after time.

Once you have come to grips with the situation, it is best that you decide what it is that you want. Divorce is final, are you sure that you want a divorce too?


What if my wife wants divorce, but I don’t?

If you do not want a divorce, but your wife is too emotional and angry to reason with, there is help. The good news is that marriages do reconcile all the time. And there are tested strategies to help you and your wife discuss terms reasonably, or even get her back in your arms.

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So What If We Did Divorce?

If you want to know what getting a divorce means practically, then we have some information for you. (This information is general in nature. Laws and titles change in different states, so please check with a local divorce lawyer or state authority before making any decisions.)


Do both parties have to agree to divorce to get divorced?

It is almost impossible these days to refuse a divorce. If one party does not agree, it will only typically slow down the process.


Wife wants Divorce


How long does it take to get divorced?

Divorce takes time, It can take anywhere from months to years to finalize. In some states you may have to be legally separated for a period of time (up to 12 months) before you apply for a divorce. In other states you do not require any separation time beforehand.

It is important to note that during divorce proceedings, you often do not have to attend the court hearing. Although it may be advised by your lawyer that you do.


What is the difference between separation, legal separation and divorce?



Separation simply means living apart. There are no documents to file with the court and you don’t even have to see a lawyer. You are still legally married, but living life as you wish.

Under this circumstance you could not remarry, and you would be liable for joint debts which may solely be run up by your wife.

This situation only works short term and for couples that have separated ‘amicably’


Legal separation

Legal separation is done via a court order. It is a court order to deal with outstanding issues such as property and maintenance allocation. It is similar to a divorce, as it is legally binding, although both parties remain married to each other.

This can also be a short, medium term or long term solution. This option is good for couples with small children as the court has the power to allocate custody times.

Typically religious people will prefer legal separation also, as they do not believe in ‘divorce’ and prefer to remain legally married.



Divorce is also done via the courts. It is final and the marriage is dissolved, legally.

The divorce isn’t the sorting out of the assets, it just is legal dissolving of the marriage. You must at least file an application typically within 12 months of your divorce.


How much will getting divorced cost me?

Divorce costs money. It will cost you at least $1000 dollars, in lawyer fees. It will also cost you in time off work and other often overlooked costs.


How can I save money in my divorce?

Try mediation before you go to court. This is where you and your wife try to allocate custody and assets to yourselves, which stops the need for a judge and lawyers to do it.

Saving money means staying away from courts and lawyers. If you can mediate successfully, you will save yourself money.


What Else Is Involved In Getting A Divorce?

There is a lot of effort in getting a divorce, such as:

  1. Changing your name at the bank, utility, on the lease etc.
  2. Changing your insurance policies
  3. Organizing and dividing up the property/assets
  4. Organizing future accommodation
  5. Organizing custody of the children, and their arrangements

As you can see there is a lot to a divorce. If you feel like you and your wife are too far separated, then we hope you have an idea of what to expect in the future.

If you are still wanting to get back with your wife, then we recommend the strategies used in the Magic of Making up program. It can help you get your head on straight, and give you strategies for dealing with your wife.

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