"Am I Going to Lose Everything if I Lose My Wife?"

More Men Than Ever Are Being Taken to the Cleaners by Their Wives, Their Lawyers AND The System...

Stressed Family Man

It's never pretty, but if it does happen you need to be prepared.

Not only will you have your wife making demands of you, but also the lawyers and the law firm, the judge and/or any mediators that you use.

In a legal system that takes the side of women over men 

And that's not including all the paperwork and the 'legal lingo' that you have to learn and master

It's not hard to see why so many men end up with nothing. So much pressure and demands it's easier to say take it all and take this legal mess away with it!

But it's a long time to live without seeing your kids, and living in a shared single men's hostel because you just can't afford anywhere else.

It doesn't have to be this way.

You Can Learn to Survive, Then Thrive Through Separation and Divorce!

Now is NOT the time to throw in the towel just because she want's everything and is putting a guilt trip on you

The difference in men's lives after a separation can be massive

Some get taken to the cleaners and lose just about everything, including time with their kids

While others thrive and do better out of their settlement​ than their wives!

As a man going through a separation, you want to know that if worse comes to worst, you can hold your own and get what you are entitled to

To do this you need to know what you are up against and what possibly could be coming...

Newly Released 'Separation Playbook' Covers All the Essential Separation, Divorce and Custody Issues Men Face

It's only an argument that sways the judge or mediator one way or the other

It could all come down to one measly sentence that you do or don't say that effects:​

  • How much time you get to spend with your kids, or not see them at all
  • How much of your 401k you get to keep, or if that gets given to your wife and her new boyfriend
  • How much alimony you have to pay to your wife
  • How the assets get divided up and how much of them do you get to keep

    So be prepared and don't wait until its too late. This playbook is a MUST READ and LISTEN for men who are facing relationship breakdown

    The Gentleman's Guide to Separation and Divorce will show you:

    • ​How to avoid an ugly separation... and get more of what you want
    • How to get your attorney's best work ... and keep the costs low
    • How to keep the ex off her game... without getting the judge miffed
    • How to keep the kids working with you ... so the wife won't know
    • When to mediate ... so you don't have to litigate
    • How to survive ... and then thrive

    It's the cheapest insurance against losing everything that you own and have worked for that I know of...

    P.S - Simply put, the gentleman's guide to divorce will help you get out of your marriage with your shirt, your kids and go on to live free and happy...