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“My Wife Cheated On Me” – What You Need To Know

You may not even remember what life used to be like anymore…   You never thought that this would happen to you, the woman you married would be dishonest and untrustworthy. You couldn’t even grasp that she betrayed you, and even lied to you in the most personal way. I mean no marriage is perfect […]

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I’m Shocked! My Wife Says She Hates Me

Unhappy couple have not learned secret of how to save your marriage

This can come as a surprise to many men, it comes out of the blue It is an emotional term ‘hate’ and can be said with a lot of anger and contempt. Unfortunately it is very hard to communicate when there is anger around. So the communication channels with your wife can become quite jilted. […]

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What To Do When Your Wife Wants A Divorce – And What NOT To Do

Wife wants Divorce

Relationship breakdown can be a very emotional and stressful time. Your future is uncertain and you spend a lot of time second guessing yourself, and your wife. It can be tough just to spend some time thinking clearly, without emotion clouding your judgment. Many men have crumbled under the pressure, when their wives have asked […]

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“My Wife Wants A Divorce But I Dont (What do I do?)”

Marriage isn’t easy. It doesn’t matter who you are they do take work to keep together, from both sides.   Marriages also aren’t perfect; we all go through rough patches sometimes. When your wife first brings up that she wants a divorce, it can be quite hard on a man. It can leave you feeling […]

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