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101 Conversation Starters for Couples

Couple looking at conversation starters on laptop in bed

THE CONVERSATIONS YOU HAVE with the person closest to you are often the hardest to start. It doesn’t make any sense, does it? You’ve been together for years, but you can’t think of a single discussion point, observation or tale to get things going. This is entirely normal. Great conversations aren’t easy to come by, […]

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50 Ways to Love your Wife her Way

Couple having fun eating pizza together

YOUR MARRIAGE CAN FIND ITSELF down on the list of priorities once you start settling into a routine. Add to that the stress of work, financial trouble and the burden of children… And what started off as a highly romantic union can all too easily become mundane. In all the hustle and bustle (or the everyday […]

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How to Show Your Wife You Love Her – Without Robbing a Bank

How to show your wife you love her - wife not happy

Disclaimer – If you want standard answers then this blog isn’t for you… There’s so much information out there. Many people giving advice. But so much of it is generic, stuff that you’ve heard and you already know…  and if it worked you’d already be seeing the results SO LET’S GET right down to it How do […]

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