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EXPERT ADVICE – “My Wife doesn’t want to have sex”

My wife doesnt want to have sex with me - wife and husband unhappy in the bedroom

REJECTION IS PAINFUL When your wife turns away your sexual advances, it can make you question your attractiveness and lead to a lot of anger and resentment. But don’t jump into conclusions or give up on your sex life, or your wife, just yet. Consider the following realities: Men’s sexual desire is different from women’s […]

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How to Make Your Wife Feel Special in the Bedroom

husband making wife feel special in the bedroom

SEX IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF MARRIAGE. It is the one thing that takes your relationship to a deeper level. Sex keeps the love alive and the fire burning. It also helps a couple to connect spiritually. Women and sex Men and women experience sexual desire differently. While a man will get aroused the moment […]

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Why Do Women Hate Sex?

why do women hate sex - angry and unhappy young couple in bed

Do they really? Of course, there are a proportion of women who do. Some because of physiological reasons and some for psychological reasons. Overall, it would be hard to generalize and say that a significant proportion of healthy, mentally stable heterosexual women hate sex. Some may hate men, but that is another story. A more […]

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How to Seduce Your Wife & Have Her Initiate Sex More

How to seduce your wife

3 ways to get her hot and heavy that you can start tonight Disclaimer – This isn’t the Disney school of romance, this is what she really wants and will get her hot… Im just letting you know so you can be prepared because you probably haven’t heard this stuff before and it may not […]

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How to Satisfy Your Wife in Bed

How to Satisfy your Wife - When She's Ready

As a man, I am still surprised at how important it is to me that my wife is happy It can really put a dampener on any man’s day when his wife is in a mood And on the other side of the coin, it makes me feel 10 feet tall knowing that my wife is happy, especially when it’s […]

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How to Make Passionate Love to Your Wife or Long Term Partner

How to Make Passionate Love to Your Wife

3 Simple Techniques to Bring Out Her Unsatiable Nympho Because there are 50 online guides to making passionate love, I thought i’d make this one a little different Because the truth is that guys want to be experts in bed, and think that’s where the passion is created… but passion is not really about having a bigger dick […]

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