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How to End an Affair – What to Do and Expect When You Want Out

How to end an affair - guy with two girls

EXPERTS INDICATE THAT MANY people who have an adulterous affair do not see it coming. They are blindsided, and before they know it, they are emotionally or physically, involved with another person. In most cases, no one intentionally seeks after an affair that could potentially destroy their marriage. Forming that forbidden connection with someone else may […]

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How to Forgive a Cheater Wife and Not Feel Like a Loser

ALL THE SIGNS WERE THERE. She seemed happy when she was away from you, but when you showed up, her shine was instantly dimmed. She dressed up for work but seems to care less whether you find her attractive. She showed little interest in your comings and goings, unlike in the past. She has also […]

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“Is My Wife Having an Affair ? How can I Know for Sure?”

is my wife having an affair her phone messages

The loyal husband’s guide on the behavior of cheating wives You have known each other for years. You shared your special day together, along many special moments along the way… But now she seems a little distant. Like she’s keeping something from you and you can feel it. But how do you know if she’s […]

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My Wife is Having an Affair – What Do I Do?

My Wife is having an affiar what do i do

This is a quick reference guide for those husbands who have just found out, or are going through the process of confronting their wife about an affair.   What Happens After the Affair is Outed? Anger, Frustration, Regret, Hurt… Basically a lot of emotions are going to be running through you After the event some parts of life […]

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“I’m in Shock… My Wife Cheated on Me With a Woman”

my wife cheated on me with a woman

Now what Do I Do? Some men even think that their wife being with another woman is great and a fantasy… until it happens It’s Not A Fantasy Then the light of reality shines in, and keeps shining It’s perfectly normal to feel empty Your doing what you think is right and then out of the […]

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“My Wife Cheated On Me With My Friend… Now What Do I Do?”

Wife Cheated on me with my friend having a disagreement, Young couple in a bed bored woman

You knew your marriage wasn’t perfect but you didn’t see this coming… You’ve been working hard, providing for your family, doing what you know is right Somewhere along the line your wife decided to cheat rather than work on your marriage It’s a messy situation, and now YOU have to clean it up. Let’s be clear […]

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How To Get Over And Resolve Your Wife’s Adultery

Our marriage may not have been perfect, but everything was good up until that day…   You may have even had to confront your wife, only to find that she confirms your worst suspicions. It can make even the strongest, self-confident man question his masculinity. Being cheated on is a BETRAYAL THAT CUTS RIGHT DOWN […]

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