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“I Hate My Wife! – Is This Normal & What Do I Do About it?”

I Hate MY wife - what to do

Has your beautiful brushing bride become a Wifezilla? Is she over domineering to the point where it’s more of a dictatorship rather than a relationship? Or has she stopped trying, gotten lazy and even put on too many kilos and now become unattractive? In either case… you’re not alone It definitely isn’t the majority, but […]

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“Am I Going to Lose Everything If I Lose My Wife?”

Stressed Family Man

“Am I Going to Lose Everything if I Lose My Wife?”More Men Than Ever Are Being Taken to the Cleaners by Their Wives, Their Lawyers AND The System… It’s never pretty, but if it does happen you need to be prepared.Not only will you have your wife making demands of you, but also the lawyers […]

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